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7 Types of Guys That You’re Too Good For

Do you remember MTV’s popular dating show Next? This show used to have us in tears laughing. First, we have the ideal girl or guy that is looking for their perfect match. But when contestants didn’t meet up to their standards, they were sure to hit them with “NEXT!” Is that how you feel about certain guys you have encountered? You may feel like you’re on another level, and they are just not worth your time. We are no strangers to plenty of these types of guys:

1. The One Who Plays Hard to Get

Have you ever met a guy that seemed to really like you one day, and then the next day it’s like he forgot you existed? We don’t have time for this type! Guys sometimes act as if they are unavailable to seem disinterested and detached. Some girls like this in the early stages of a relationship, but eventually it gets old. Ignoring our texts, not showing up when he said he would or refusing to contact us first are not going to keep us girls around for long.

We got the low down from Chantal Norman and Nicole Dei, two seniors at the University of Maryland, College Park. “I don’t believe in those types of guys. If you want to be with me, then do that. If you don’t, I will make room for the next man,” Chantal says. Nicole thinks the same thing! “I don’t like it because consistency is everything. You’re just blocking my opportunity to meet greatness and I was really just wasting my time on you,” Nicole says.

Believe us, if we were to flip the script and do this to a guy, he would be gone in a hot second. If a guy meets you and is legitimately interested in you, he should act interested.

2. The Complete Player

This is the guy that has broken heart after heart and may have tried to date all of your friends. Why is it that some guys think that because they are no longer involved with our friend that we will jump on the bandwagon? Chantal isn’t feeling players at all.

“I don’t respect guys who do this. How are you going to come into my friend group and try to date me and all of my best friends? No,” Chantal says. Players often have a charming way of convincing every girl that they really are the one for them.

“I think those guys are so confused because they think we’re stupid and don’t tell our friends everything. How can you talk to multiple friends and think you can get away with it?” Nicole says. “That’s what makes me question the entire male species in the first place.”

Has a guy ever approached you and said, “I’m just looking for that special girl who will give me a chance, so I can show that I have changed?” It may be hard for us to not give him the side eye, but this is so common and should definitely be avoided!

3. The Meat Head

A lot of us love to be fit and go to the gym to stay in shape. We may admire a guy with a nice body, but how do you feel about those fitness junkies that need the entire world to know? If you go to his Instagram, you may see a selfie with his shirt pulled up to his neck to show off his pecs. Nicole thinks this is an automatic turn off. “This makes me feel like you’re insecure. Why are you out here acting like an Abercrombie & Fitch model for free?” she says.

We’re all about the gorgeous bod, but when it shows up in almost every picture, it can be a bit too much. Us girls want guys to leave something for our imagination. Not all girls would like to see their man on social media flaunting his goods for everyone to see.

4. The Underachiever

We understand that some days you might want to relax and act like you have no responsibilities, but this is definitely a sign of a guy you may want to avoid. Girls are not necessarily looking for the underachiever with no hobbies or future aspirations. “If you aren’t adding anything to me, what’s your purpose?” Chantal asks. “At this age, this is the prime time to be a go-getter.” We like guys that can be very chill but aren’t just mooching off of us. We want someone who actually has a schedule, has goals and is working towards them.

“That is unattractive because if you have no drive, you don’t want to do better in life, and you’re complacent,” Nicole says. These ladies really spoke a lot of wisdom. Go for the guy that is the overachiever!

5. The One Who Doesn’t Understand the Word “No”

Have you ever been patiently standing by yourself at the mall or bus stop, and a guy comes up to ask if you have a boyfriend? Many girls may respond yes if they are in a relationship, and others may still respond yes even if they do not have a boyfriend. “I do like a forward man and one who’s persistent, but there’s a fine line between being slightly attractive with an aggressive mentality and being straight creepy and annoying,” Chantal says. You would think that this guy would take it as a loss, but that is far from the truth. This guy may continue to ask for your number, even though you nicely made it clear you weren’t interested. But wait! Then he goes on to say, ‘Oh, so you can’t have any friends.'”

“I think it’s how you feel about that person, but if I am saying no with no type of smile, you need to leave me alone,” Nicole says. We know you might have gotten a great laugh out of this, but the majority of these guys continue on to bash the girl for not wanting to give him her number. Steer clear!

6. The Netflix & Chill Type

He may frame it as a nice movie session or game night, but have you ever gotten into a situation where he was looking for something more? “He’s a schemer. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a guy assumes that you want more when you never suggest that. Then, when you say no, they are always so blown. Next!” Nicole says. 

Guys may think they are smooth, but we know what is going on. You may walk into his house to watch a movie, only to discover that he has no TV. A girl’s face may completely turn sideways if he continues to say, “How about we not watch a movie and make our own.” A guy can try to swindle you, but it will not always work. Sorry, not sorry!

7. The One Who’s a Bit Too Smooth

This guy is charming, but maybe a little too charming. He may try to convince you that you are the only girl he is interested in, yet is quick to check out other girls while you are in his presence. “Being sneaky, you will always get caught. Why even lie? If you’re not only dating me, just say that. I may be dabbling a little myself as well,” Chantal says. You may find yourself on your Instagram and see his name up and down your timeline as he comments kissy faces on every girl’s picture. If you catch a guy doing this when you start dating, you may want to head for the door.

“As soon as you tell a girl that you’re only talking to them, you essentially say that you are already talking to other people,” Nicole says. “Why would you have to say this in the first place?” If a guy does this a lot when he first meets you, we can only imagine how bad it could get. This is a big red flag!

You might meet a guy and begin to notice signs that he is not the one. To avoid the frustration you may have if things go wrong, stay away from these seven guys that can end up making you run miles and miles away!

Logan is a senior at the University of Maryland - College Park. She is a Communication Studies major, focusing on Public Relations. She truly believes that you have to be bold enough to make the world the way you want it. She desires to inspire women from various backgrounds around the world and would love to have you along for the journey! Find her on Instagram @logantylerr
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