Players Gonna Play: 5 Signs He's Not Serious

If you’re like me, you’d honestly rather spend your time trying to work out Calc 4 homework than try to understand how the male species thinks. The biggest question: is he into me or not? Well here are 5 simple signs that he just ain’t feeling you:

1. When you text him and you have to wonder if he’s going to text you back. If he was excited to talk to you, you’d definitely know. Even if he doesn’t always text you first, he’s going to carry on the conversation and ask questions to get to know you. If it’s hard to get past small talk, or if you finding yourself being the first one to text more often than not, he might not be reciprocating your interest.

2. You’ve never been introduced to the people that mean the most to him. It’s more than just drinking with some random fraternity bothers in a sweaty, paint-splattered basement. If a guy is seeing a new girl he really likes, he’s going to want his best buddies to get the chance to get to know her, too. He’ll seem eager to introduce you to the people in his life.

3. He doesn’t seem excited or nervous to see you. Whenever you talk or hang out, you have to wonder if he’s at all enticed by your jokes, or at the very least, your presence. If he’s playing it off a little too cool, it’s a sign that getting PSLs with you might not be the most exciting part of his day.

4. He doesn’t compliment you. When a guy likes you, he might tell her that your hair looks nice today, or that your essay for African American History was well written, or even that your parking job wasn’t as terrible as it usually is. Bottom line, If you’ve been talking for a couple weeks and a 11:49 PM text saying “ur hot :p” is all you’ve gotten, he might not see you as a potential girlfriend. Next!

5. You find yourself over-analyzing his texts and trying to pull apart everything he says for hidden meanings. Men are typically simple creatures—if they like you, most of the time you’ll just know. My mom always told me, “If a man likes you, you’ll know. If not, you’ll be confused."