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5 Date Ideas for the End of Winter

Winter can be the worst time for dating. And relationships. The cold weather keeps you from going outside to enjoy the usual activities you love. Those gloomy days don’t get you excited for much more than snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and a movie (and even this can get old after a while).

It’s tough to stay motivated in winter, but if you get active, your relationship will benefit from your happier moods.

Remember: whatever you choose to do with your date, make sure to get off the couch, out of the sweatpants (no matter how comfy they are), and do something you both enjoy!

Here are five ways to keep you and your crush or boyfriend fighting the winter blahs.

Become a Nature Lover

It might be chilly outside, but take advantage of those blue-skied, sunny winter days! We get so used to spending all our time inside when it’s cold. Both you and your date will benefit from spending a few hours in the fresh air (and the sunshine).

No matter where you live, there are bound to be nature areas, even if it’s just a park. Usually they’re free to use, or cost only a few dollars for parking.

If you’re adventurous and looking to try something new, give snowshoeing or cross country skiing a shot. The equipment is typically rented out by the hour. The great thing about snowshoes: they can strap over any boots, even Uggs, or Hunter rain boots.

Not looking to work up a winter sweat? Just go for a nice walk through the snow-covered woods. Honestly, what could be cuter than keeping each other warm in the snow? Just remember to bundle up!

Getting outside to do something active can be fun for both of you (the sunshine raises serotonin levels and makes you feel happy!).

Your guy might love a little competition to make it a bit more exciting. Get his adrenaline pumping and tell him you’ll race him to the top of the hill.

An added bonus: After being outside, it gives you both an excuse to get cozy and warm each other up!

Test out the Ice

Although it’s a nice thought, most winter days are not sunny and blue-skied (so take advantage when it happens!). Usually they’re gloomy, grey, and without the sun anywhere in sight.

Those are the days when you stay under a roof. This doesn’t mean you can’t be active though! Try ice skating!

At first mention of lacing up those tiny skates, your date might immediately think of the figure skaters in the Olympics. How is he ever going to accomplish that triple-sow-cow to impress you, when he’s never even skated before!?

Calm his nerves though. Reassure him that you’ll hold his hand the whole way. Even if he ends up gripping the railing around every corner (believe me, it happens).

Even if one (or both) of you have never skated before, this can be the perfect bonding experience. Keep it casual and laugh at each other (and yourself, of course) when you fall.

Learning something new together can be the perfect date, and give you that extra boost you need to make it through the gloomy winter days.

Happy Cooking

Sometimes during the winter months, the weather does not provide the best conditions for going out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Sleet, freezing rain, or a ‘wintery-mix’? Not ideal for driving.

Not to worry. Invite him to your place (or go to his, of course)! Cook up your favorite meal together.

Love going out for a good pasta dinner? Grab some alfredo or marinara sauce, add a salad and some garlic bread and you’ve got yourself a meal!

Another super easy, delicious (and boy-friendly) dinner: homemade pizza. Buy a pre-made crust (usually near the bread aisle), some marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese. Add a sprinkle of olive oil and dash of oregano and basil to add some classic Italian flavor.

If you’re not up for making a big dinner meal, invite him over, or go to his place for brunch! Pancakes are extremely easy (most mixes only need water added). French toast or eggs are also an easy option.

Can’t think of anything to make? There are thousands of recipes online. Try allrecipes.com, or copycat.com, for lots of awesome ideas.

Cooking a meal together can be a lot more fun, and cozier, than heading out to a restaurant.

Grab a Cup

Fight off those winter chills and warm up with a classic winter drink. Stop by a café and grab a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with your date.

Rather than going out for an expensive lunch, make the meal at home, and go out for a tasty dessert-like drink afterwards.

Tried the ice skating or snowshoeing date? This can be the perfect way to warm up after spending an afternoon outside.

Don’t finish your cup in a speedy two minutes though! Make it special by enjoying your drink and taking time to chat together.

And when you both are drowning in homework assignments, going to a café can be a quick pick-me-up. After a rough week of classes, sometimes a 20-minute catch-up with your boy is the perfect remedy.

Add that tasty steaming cup of coffee, and your day is bound to get a whole lot better.

Go Team!

Regardless of where you go to school, there are always events going on on campus. Take advantage of these as local (and cheap!) date ideas. Check out the events calendar on your school website, or keep an eye out for posters of upcoming events.

Is your crush into sports? Go to a sporting event on campus and support your school. Usually there is a student discount. Sometimes they’re even free!

Not so much of a sports guy? Go see a play from the drama program, or get tickets for the next band that’s coming your way.

These are sure to mix up your usual routine and can be a nice change from the tired dinner-and-a- movie date. That performance by the drama club will probably be much more interesting than a movie anyway.

Most of these events will also probably be held indoors, perfect for the chilly winter weather!



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