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21 Excuses Girls Use to Avoid Working Out

Like any other collegiette, we sometimes have trouble getting our behinds to the gym. As winter drags on, it’s especially difficult to make the trek. Like, more difficult than keeping Justin Bieber out of trouble. We guarantee you that every girl has used at least one of these excuses to avoid breaking a sweat. 

1. “I think I pulled a hammy the last time I was at the gym.”

2. “I’ll just work out at home.”

3. “Judge Judy is on and I can’t miss that again.”

4. “My sports-induced asthma has been acting up lately.”

5. “I have cookies in the oven and don’t want them to burn.”

6. “I only work out on days that start with T or M.”

7. “I ate really healthy food today, so I don’t neeeeed to go to Crossfit.”

8. “I can’t find my sneakers.”

9. “The gym is dangerous.”

10. “I’ll just watch the Olympics and maybe I’ll get some cardio in vicariously.”

11. “I want to swim laps but public pools are disgusting.”

12. “I don’t want to put my contacts in.”

13. “All of my sports bras are dirty.”


14. “My hair looks good today and I don’t want to mess it up.”

15. “I’m just going to watch one more episode.”

16. “The cute boot camp instructor isn’t teaching today.”

17. “I have so much homework to get done.”


18. “The only group fitness class I like is aerobics, but the gym hasn’t offered that since 1997.”

19. “I just ate my weight in cake.”

20. “I showered this morning and I don’t want to have to shower again.”

21. “I’m just not feeling it today.”

Whatever the reason, we’ve all probably made one of these excuses to avoid working out. However, we should probably just suck it up and put our sneakers on.

Maddie is a senior at Boston College, where she spends her days fawning over literature and Art History textbooks. She was previously an editorial intern at Her Campus, and is now a HC contributing writer and blogger. Follow her on twitter @madschmitz for a collection of vaguely amusing tweets.