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15 Things Only Girls Who Are Not Athletic At All Understand

We can’t all be Olympic gymnasts, nor do we all want to be those obnoxious girls who brag about being at the gym at 6 a.m. and post pictures of their abs on Instagram. Some of us…well, let’s just say we’re not the most athletically-inclined. 

1. You cringe at the memory of running the mile in grade school, and you vow to let your child skip school on that day. 

2. You don’t understand weird terms like “burpee.” What is that? Like a baby burp? 

3. You don’t understand people who enjoy running. You can’t imagine a worse way to spend your time. 

4. The most athletic you ever feel is when you carry all of your groceries into the house in one trip. 

5. When you’re trying to lose weight, you laugh at the thought of adding exercise to your daily routine. 

6. On the one occasion that you actually stepped on the treadmill, you didn’t attach that little string to your waistband and went flying off the machine, making a dent in the wall. 

7. The concepts of catching, dribbling, shooting, kicking, etc. are all lost on you. 

8. You have been hit in the face with a sports ball at least one time in your life. 

9. The idea of contact sports disgusts you. Like ew, don’t touch me please. 

10. You feel like you need oxygen when you reach the top of a set of stairs. 

11. On the occasion that you do try that one Zumba class, you instantly regret it when it is filled with squats.  

Like, hello, this is supposed to be dancing. I don’t make sure my legs are shoulder-width apart before dropping my booty in the club.

12. As a kid, you were always picked last in gym class. 

13. You have alienated yourself from anyone who even resembles the word “athletic.” 

14. The idea of putting yourself through activities that could cause you bodily harm and leave you in pain for days afterward does not seem appealing. 

15. You consider getting out of bed and walking to class enough exercise to last you the whole school year.