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15 Reasons Why Your Galentine is Better than a Valentine

If you’re single for Valentine’s Day, chances are, you sigh in disgust at all of the pink and red themed grocery store chocolate or the influx of over-grown teddy bears. While many use February 14 as a time to spend with their significant other, single ladies often use it as an excuse to drink, overeat and dramatically wallow in their “singleness.” But why indulge in self-pity when having a valentine is so overrated anyway? We are now in the age of the galentine — the girl friend who can provide you with all the love and attention as your valentine, with not nearly as much headache — she’s a much more fun date anyway.

1. She doesn’t care if you don’t shave your legs

It’s February. There’s no judgment.

2. She won’t judge you for wearing sweatpants and no makeup on V-Day

Because chances are, she’s wearing the same thing.

3. Or for ordering a whole box of pizza for yourself

Is it really Galentine’s Day if you and your best friend don’t eat your feelings?

4. She’ll support your decision to buy yourself flowers and chocolate

Because nobody else understands how self-love is the most genuine kind of infatuation.

5. She won’t mind binge-watching every emotional “chick-flick” on Netflix with you

She’ll watch The Notebook, 27 Dresses and He’s Just Not That Into You as many times as you want.

6. And she doesn’t complain about how “girly” your wine selection is

Because let’s be real who doesn’t like Barefoot Pink Moscato?

7. There’s no stress about picking the right outfit for the night

If you need to change, you have your Galentine’s wardrobe to look through, too.

8. And if you do decide to dress up, she’ll probably compliment you more than your date

Because she understands how underappreciated of an art form well-done winged eyeliner is.

9. And she’ll also take as many photos of you as you want for Instagram, because you look #fierce

She’ll also probably spend the next 30 minutes of her life helping you pick a filter and a  proper caption.

10. There’s no stress about gifts

Because your Galentine didn’t tell you that she didn’t want a gift, and then got upset when you didn’t bring one.

11. And if you do get each other gifts, it’s exactly what you wanted

It’s probably wine. Or a puppy.

12. You have an excuse to sing “Single Ladies,” “Riding Solo” or any other single anthem all night long

Galentine’s Day is karaoke night too if you drink enough.

13. There’s no “perfect date hype” to live up to

Galentine’s Day is all the fun of Valentine’s Day without the constant nervous pressure of if the night will live up to its annual expectation.

14. You can obsessively stalk all the boys (or lackthereof) in your life without it getting awkward

Because did you really have a night in with your girlfriends if you didn’t end up on your ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s cute best-friend’s Facebook page?

15. You get to celebrate being a fabulous single woman with more fabulous single women

Because in the end it’s our job as women to uplift other women, and while everyday is a day to celebrate the strong, beautiful and accomplished women in our lives — what better day than Galentine’s Day?

Hannah is a Public Relations graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University with an affinity for blogging, food, culture and learning about the world. She has a serious case of wanderlust and hopes to one day work for a lifestyle and PR firm, as well as publish books and documentaries focusing on leisure and travel. To read more of her work, check out her own personal blog at www.thinkingbrave.com or her personal portfolio at clippings.me/hannahkhan