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13 College Women Get Real About Drugs On Campus

It’s no secret that college is seen by many as a time to experiment. And one main vehicle of experimentation is, of course, drugs.

While there have been many articles, movies and TV shows that discuss drugs on campus, we wanted to know the truth. So we asked 13 college women the real deal with the drug culture on their campuses.

“Drugs are here, but more like marijuana and Adderall. I’ve never seen someone actually do drugs but know people who do them. Marijuana is the most popular drug; I’ve yet to hear about any of the harder ones. I have friends who smoke marijuana and I’ve never felt pressured to try it. I’ve been offered but my decisions were respected once I declined.”

Chrismaly, Case Western Reserve University Class of 2018

“There are drugs on my campus but it not like it’s crazy noticeable. Drugs do get worst as you get older but it’s not like high school where you are around them more. College is much bigger than high school. The biggest drugs ‘on the market’ right now are like rave drugs, so ecstasy, LSD, all those fun ones because they help you stay awake so you can do all the homework and assignments and school stuff.”

-Sarah, University of Arizona Class of 2019

“My friends don’t do any drugs, except for occasionally smoking weed, but there is definitely a culture of students doing cocaine in terms of harder drugs. From what I’ve seen it seems more prevalent amongst wealthier students.”

-Elizabeth, University of Pennsylvania Class of 2016

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“I believe that drugs are fairly prevalent on campus. I know a lot of people who use drugs casually and a few who have gotten busted for marijuana possession on campus. Personally, I smoke weed occasionally or take Adderall if I have a big paper or something due the next day and I’m behind. I don’t think there’s a lot of pressure to try different drugs on campus because there is still a bit of a stigma against them.”

-Kristen, University of Miami Class of 2019

“I’ve been offered cocaine. It’s pretty out of the open – as far as I can see. Most people I know on campus don’t even think of weed as something illegal.”

-Lynn, University of Delaware Class of 2016

“I mostly hear about weed and heroin. I do think there is a pressure on students to try different drugs to fit in. I remember once this one guy kept pressuring my friends and I to take some pills he found and the other four girls took it while I did not.”

-Elizabeth, Humboldt State University Class of 2016

“Marijuana is almost everywhere. And I do feel judged when I mention that I don’t like it, nor do I want to be around people who are smoking it. I don’t think anyone realizes just how bad it is for you, because the media is like, ‘Oh it’s not like cocaine or something’.”

-Nicole, Siena College Class of 2018

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“Drugs are decently present on my college campus. Weed is the most popular drug, but some other people do cocaine, acid or molly. I definitely see and hear about people doing drugs.”

-Rachel, James Madison University Class of 2017

“Drugs are very prevalent in my campus. Everyday you overhear someone talking about coke or Xanax. I have never touched harder drugs, but if I ever wanted to, I know exactly where to get them. It’s easily accessible. I don’t think there is much pressure to try harder drugs, but it may be different in sororities and fraternities, considering the people on our campus who sell these drugs are in those organizations.”

-Katie, SUNY Oneonta Class of 2018

“Students do lots of different drugs on campus. The most prevalent is likely marijuana. It can be found throughout dorms, apartments and especially fraternity houses. You see it, hear about it and smell it. The other big drug on campus is probably Adderall, which explodes in popularity at the end of each semester as students study for finals. I don’t mind students smoking weed, but the use of Adderall for studying bothers me. It feels like these students are gaining an unfair advantage by taking the pills. The other drugs you find are cocaine, ecstasy and other party drugs along those lines. There was a kid in my dorm my freshman year who used Viagra all the time too, but I haven’t heard of anyone having a problem with the little blue pill since.”

-Rebecca, University of Maryland Class of 2017

“Drugs don’t have a significant role on my college campus. If you want them, you have to go look for them; they’re not easily accessible. The most common drug is marijuana, which I personally partake in and like many, I don’t find it a big deal whatsoever.”

-Cheyenne, University of California Santa Barbara Class of 2019

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“Students mostly do molly because raves are a very big thing at my school and people like to roll when they’re at them. I would say the biggest drug on my campus would be weed over anything else. Everyone smokes weed, it’s like an every day thing for a lot of people. Then you have the people who do coke. I know a fair share of people who do coke often.”

-Ally, San Diego State University Class of 2017

“As a freshman, I have noticed that there is a bit more of drug use than I expected. I, thankfully, have never witnessed anyone doing hard drugs, such as cocaine or ecstasy, but I have seen peers smoking marijuana. However, that doesn’t go to say that I haven’t heard of people talking about the stronger aforementioned drugs; I remember being at a frat party and thinking, ‘What the hell did I just overhear?’ I have heard of people who try different drugs to impress a guy or their friends. Unfortunately, it happens. I’m just thankful I personally don’t succumb to that pressure.”

-Gabriella, University of North Carolina at Wilmington Class of 2019

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