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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Guys (all along the relationship spectrum!)

For a guy friend (who you want to get the hint) 
This is a tricky one – but the easiest thing to do is to make him some food (food = the way to a man’s heart, right?). You have to play it casual and cool — you don’t want to scare him away! Make him some delicious Valentine’s Day cookies (and keep some for you and your friends, obv). Luckily the cost of some baking ingredients won’t break the bank — but it could help you break into his heart. 

For your Valentine’s Day formal date
He isn’t your boyfriend, but he likes you enough to spend the 14th with you — and you may want to eventually take the next steps with him. If you don’t want to bake him anything here are a few ideas. 

For the 21+ date
Pick up a cheap bottle of champagne (no Andre if you can avoid it — too frat-y for what you’re going for) or red wine for your date. It says: I care enough to think of you before I get dressed, but I know this is still in the early stages. $5 and up

For the funny bones
Crack him up by presenting him with this Valentine Heart Bear necktie. It shows you have a sense of humor and that you are thoughtful too! $16 

For Your New Boyfriend
You haven’t said those 8 letters yet, but you can still get each other less mushy gifts. 

For the smelly guy 
Oh we’re just kidding — this is a great gift for any guy: Hilfiger eau de Toilette. The smell is great and the price tag isn’t bad for a designer scent! $47 

For a sweetie
Chocolate is so 2000. The sweetest Valentine’s Day gift in 2013 is Cake Pops! We are obsessed with this basket from Candy’s Cake Pops (and it’s not too pink for your guy!). Just hope he shares with you. $34 

For the monster
Guys expect you to splurge on something hot to wear on the big night, but shouldn’t they get some new undergarments too? Make him laugh (everyone wants a partner with a sense of humor, don’t they?) and have him open these Cookie Monster boxers. Sexy, no? $13

For the one you want to snuggle up to
It’s freezing! Who will make you warm? The BF – obviously. Keep him warm too with this Burgundy College Classic Micro-Fleece throw. $17

For your Long-term Boyfriend

For a gift that keeps on giving
Remember when you were little and used to give your parents coupon books for holidays? Do the dishes, clean your room, watch your little sister, etc. But now you’re in college and coupon books are for boyfriends. Make him cards (use heavy construction paper, sparkles, and heart stickers) for movie dates of his choice, homemade dinners, backrubs, etc. Use your imagination! Free

For the bed buddy 
If you are sharing a bed with your guy regularly, why not get him a gift you both can benefit from like this Memory Foam Mattress Topper. It’ll make you want to cuddle up to him even more! $40 

For the DIY dinner
Treat your boy to a steak dinner, with these delicious Flat Iron steaks from Omaha Steaks. Light the candles, make him grill the steaks, and voila — a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner with your boo. $49


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