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Whether you’re in love, looking for love or have sworn off love, it’s practically impossible to stay away from it for too long. We’re really just a bunch of hopeless romantics with dwindling attention spans (thanks a lot, technology) that must be satiated. Enter Twitter and its endless supply of 280-character bits of romance-laden wisdom and entertainment. Read on for the top ten must-follow love and sex Twitter accounts.


If you’re in the market for a new sex toy, Bellesa is your boutique destination to find the right one. Even Demi Lovato collabed with them to craft the “Demi Wand.” However, even if you’re not looking for a sex toy, their social media is a must-follow for hilarious sex one-liners, flirty RTs and more. Plus, Bellesa even has its own ethical porn channel you can check out, too. Truly– the whole package. Top Tweet: “hey (with the intention of getting railed in this sundress)” My favorite summer activity.


Danielle “DB” Bezalel, MPH is delivering sex and wellness musings to you via Twitter and on her podcast. This public health expert knows the importance of sharing both educational tips and articles, as well as reminders to please yourself and set some time aside for intimacy. And if her name sounds familiar to you, it’s because you may have seen DB impart wisdom to viewers on Netflix’s The Principles of Pleasure. You can also listen and read to DB right now to learn more about abortion access, abortion resources and beyond. Top Tweet: “RT if you love giving ur boo’s tush a little squeeze on the daily just cuz u both WFH and are in the same space 🤭” She gets it. Who said WFH can’t be a little (or a lot) flirty and sexy?


Cliterally The Best is a “hub for all things sex ed, body positivity and self love.” No matter if you’re looking for hilarious memes, chances to connect with fellow sex-positive queens, LGBTQIA+-inclusive sex education tips and more, you are sure to find all that and more. Creator Evie Plumb knows that many sex education programs (should they exist in schools) are not just unhelpful, but actively harmful. With aesthetically pleasing social channels, an informative blog and own lube brand, Plumb helps followers embrace their sexiness with a fun, shame-free platform. Top Tweet: “He’s a 10, but he thinks you pee out of your vagina…” What a perfect joke to encapsulate systemic educational failure.


This is Oprah-endorsed advice, so there’s no doubting the quality of these tweets. With links to her high-profile appearances and articles, wonder no more about your sexual health and sexy time antics. Plus, have a burning question you want answered? Go ahead and tweet her. She loves it. She told me. (Okay, she told the Twittersphere — in a tweet. Same thing, yah?) Top Tweet: “Did you know women think about sex 10x a day but think about food 15x a day?” This dating doc’s tweets prove a real love affair with food and sex. No complaints with that.


You can lie ‘til you’re blue in the face that you’re perfectly okay with being single, but let’s get one thing straight. Being single can suck — big time, if the empty ice cream cartons piling up in your garbage indicate anything. When mom’s busy and your happily coupled friends can’t wrap their endorphin-drowned heads around your sorrows, The Single Woman is there for you. Top Tweet: “You can’t get over a relationship til you accept that the relationship is over. #JustLetGo #ItsGonnaBeOkay #TheSW” Let those tears flow, collegiette™. We understand. We totally, totally understand.


Sex educator and author Gigi Engle is just tweeting what we’re all thinking. With blunt and LOL-inducing takes, we are surprised she’s not one of the most widely-followed accounts on the app. Additionally, she is quick to share great resources and personal tips for adding something new to your sex life. Top Tweet: “Im just a girl, standing here, telling you to go masturbate” Thank you for caring about our health so much, Gigi. It means a lot!


If you’ve ever been interested in the world of polyamory or fully practice it, Poly Philia is a fantastic resource. Leanne Yau is the influencer, writer and educator behind the username who also hosts workshops, peer education and more for the community. Between helpful polyamory tips, funny observations and more– you’re sure to get a great mix of non-monogamous content. Top Tweet: “Me being the middle spoon: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!! Me overheating after 5 minutes: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.”

There’s more to cuddling than just big and little spoons.


Linnea Marie, aka The Fairy ClitMother, is the owner of adult story exxxiteme in Pittsburgh, as well as a sex educator who uses her platform to spread good vibes, literally. With tips, tricks and toy recs, she is helping individuals and partners live their best lives with the help of external vibrators and beyond. Top Tweet: “Sex toys are teammates not opponents.” ‘Nuff said.


Kinkly is the holy grail of sex content sites, made for all genders, sexualities, experience levels and the like. Their blog and social media platforms cover everything from the latest sex positions to try out to a beginner’s guide to submission. You are sure to learn a lot as you scroll and put your new knowledge to good use. Plus, with great sex information writing comes great sex meme writing as well. Top Tweet: “If I text you ‘🧞‍♂️’ it’s because I’m gonna rub one out later.” We told you they were good at sex memes!


From the mouths, I mean fingertips, of the lady pleasure goddesses themselves, this account has no shortage of fun statistics, quizzes and articles. Plus, they are always quick to share reminders and mantras to repeat in relation to your sex life. Top Tweet: “Reminder: An orgasm is a right, not a privilege.” Certainly, this is helpful to remember while alone or with a partner. Get that O, girl!

What are your favorite romantic Twitter accounts? Do tell!

Sarah Weinberg is a student at San Diego State University, Class of 2012. She is attempting to overcome her aversion to multitasking as she pursues courses in Liberal Studies, Spanish, and Journalism. Sarah has always been interested in the “behind-the-scenes” aspects of the fashion and lifestyle industry with journalism being a prominent prospective path. Now, much of the time that she should spend working on homework and writing papers is instead spent pouring through magazines and lusting over ridiculously priced shoes, impeccably styled pictorials, and the glamorous lifestyles of the cover models. It isn’t unusual to find Sarah baking (anything with a large amount of chocolate), traveling (last stop: summer abroad in Granada, Spain), playing in her closet (never too old to play dress up), or hanging out with friends and family (how cute and cliché). She is currently a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.com and is thrilled to become a writer for Her Campus.