As the 2018 midterm elections get closer and closer (because damn, fall is here, like, now), we feel like it's the most important to start getting real AF about voting around here. More specifically, we want to get talking about how necessary it is that young people, especially, plan on crashing the polls this year.

Did you know that only 18 percent of eligible college students voted (no, seriously) in the 2014 midterm elections? Because yikes. That’s a lot of no-shows.

Obviously, we know how powerful college students are as a demographic and how much you all care about issues that really matter — after all, college campuses have always been the place to find the most badass, thoughtful political minds.

But to fully live up to that reputation and use that power, young people need to do more. We need to get out and show TF up at the polls, for one thing. But we also need to completely reframe the way we think about and talk about voting with our friends and allow voting to be just one part of the larger conversations we have in our communities. We’ve got to be in this together.

After all, friends talk to friends about voting.

Love you, please vote, 

The Her Campus News Team


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