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Spring Concert 2015…Who Do YOU Think is Performing?

Spring Weekend last year was epic with B.o.B. coming, and who knows who it will be this year. Although the concert reveal is right around the corner, March 16 to be exact, everyone is dying to know who it will be, and there has been quite a few theories going around campus.

Danielle Wood, one of the Student Planning Board committee chairs for the concert, has heard theories from Beyoncé, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift. Wood said, “People like to throw out famous names without putting into consideration other factors”. There are many theories but as she says, “March 16 at 12:55 we announce the artist”. So everyone be ready!

Right now the biggest theory circulating campus is Ke$ha. Other theories include artists from genres such as rap, hip-hop, country, and rock. Some people are saying Luke Bryan, and others are saying Florida Georgia Line. Many people are left clueless as to who it could be! The possibilities are endless.

The timing of the reveal is perfect, as it gets people excited for the rest of the semester after. Student Planning Board has been trying to plan the perfect way to reveal this artist, and whenever SPB puts anything on it is, without a doubt, a hit.

If you were not at Bryant last year, there is a YouTube video of what to expect for Spring Weekend and how crazy the Spring Concert was last year. Go check it out below to see what all the hype is about, and why the Bryant community gets so excited for the Spring Concert.

Now the only question is:

Are you ready to find out who will be performing at the Spring Concert this year?!

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