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Woman Wearings Coop Neck Floral Top Using Her Apple Brand Macbook
Snapped: Summer Blossoms

Despite the bizarre up-and-down weather that we’ve been having in the past week, the flowers of UoN main campus have battled through and...

black bicycle parked beside brick wall
Snapped: The Stepping Stones

We’ve all seen the massive lake that sits at the bottom of Portland and Trent and takes up about 90% of Highfields Park, but I’m willing to...

person taking photo of pants and shoes
Snapped: Millennium Garden on Campus

Here at the University of Nottingham we are very lucky to have a big beautiful campus to enjoy. During my four years here, I like to think...

Study, study, study!

Midterms are almost here, but we're trying to avoid last minute cramming by studying ahead of time! In cases like this, Panera Bread is...

silhouette of people standing on hill
Winter Graduation

Congratulations to the Winter Class of 2014! We are so proud of you all!