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Meet Our Team: Gaby DeAngelis!

This week we sat down with one of our own team members, Gaby, and talked about her campus involvement and how she copes with finals season...

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Campus Cutie Natalia Campos ’17

Meet Natalia, a Valdosta State Women's Volleyball Team player, serving with her beauty and brains on and off the court! Name: Natalia...

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Campus Celebrity: Geneva Calder ’16

Meet this weeks (international) Campus Celebrity, Geneva Calder! A double major in International Relations and Public Policy, member of the...

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Meet S.A.A.C President Kevin C. Murray

Name: Kevin C. Murray Class Status: Senior Graduation Year: 2017 Age: 21 Major: Electrical Engineering Quote to live by: “I can’t change...

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Athlete Highlight: Carl Bombardier

Photo Credit: Amanda Lafky, UW-Stout Athletics Four years ago, Carl Bombardier traveled over 1200 miles to begin his journey at UW-Stout...