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5 Best Day Trips Near UCLA

My friend once told me that for most of her time at UCLA, she gets off the plane from New Jersey, drives to Westwood, never leaves a 2-mile...

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PSL Love

HC Cal State LA held a bonding event on Wednesday, November 11th! Some members of the team ventured over to Pasadena to try Starbucks'...

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5 March Events in Los Angeles

Believe it or not, we are already facing the third month of the year. As time continues to fly by, it also means that new events are taking...

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Parking Meters for the Homeless

Old Town Pasadena is funding special parking meters in order to raise money to building homes for the homeless. Just park next to one of...

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Earl Henthorn

Name: Earl Henthorn Year: Senior Major: Sociology Hometown: Pasadena, Maryland Relationship Status: Single What are you involved with on...