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FSU Takes Jerry and Student Body to Pasadena

2013 was an incredible year for Florida State football. With an undefeated regular season, a 14th ACC Championship, a Heisman trophy, and a trip to Pasadena, FSU fans have been living the dream.

In the midst of it all, FSU students have been there for their Noles every step of the way. For example, senior Jerry Howze has been cheering for Florida State football at every home game since he’s been at FSU – even taking him to Pasadena for the National Championship. He is just one of the many students who have extreme passion for their team and the game.


Her Campus: How does it feel to have had a team with an undefeated streak last semester?

Jerry Howze: It feels great! No matter the season, the Seminoles have always been number one to me. Now, the rankings, our season, and the way our team has played have only made the entire nation see it now too.


HC: What is your greatest memory from this year’s football season?

JH: Strictly football wise would have to be our win over the Clemson Tigers. It was such a rush when we won! Especially scoring on the first drive of the game! Another all around favorite memory of mine was having Bobby Bowden come back to Doak and plant the spear at the game.


HC: How was it getting a ticket to the national championship game?

​JH: It was nerve wracking because we didn’t want to purchase anything till we knew we were going to be in the game. We didn’t get tickets at first, but once we got them, we were so excited for an unforgettable trip to California!


HC: How would you describe FSU’s team spirit to others?

​JH: FSU’s team spirit can be described as a family. When we were in California for the championship game, every time we saw another Seminole fan we would exchange a “GO NOLES” or tomahawk chop. Most times it would even end in a great conversation. We are all about our team and our university!


HC: What do you think are some of the key strengths to a great football team?

​JH: Focus, drive and humility.


HC: What does it mean to you to be a Florida State Seminole?

​JH: It means everything to be a Florida State Seminole. It’s more than having a great football team. It’s about belonging to a community of people who uphold higher standards of excellence. It means we stand behind our team, our university, our peers and the garnet and gold.


HC: How long have you been a supporter and fan of the Noles?

​JH: I’ve been a supporter and fan for about 10 years now, since the first time I went to a UF vs. FSU game.


No matter what happens, FSU fans always stick together and have a great spirit. It’s been a long awaited time to get here, and we will continue to celebrate this great season and time in Seminole history. Go Noles!

Kayla is a senior at Florida State University. She is majoring in Public Relations with minors in Business and Hospitality Management. Apart from taking courses and writing for Her Campus, Kayla enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, and discovering the best places around town. She hopes to work in the Hospitality PR industry after she graduates in May.   
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