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Interrail Inspiration

Interrailing is such a fun way to spend your summer but sometimes it can be hard to know which route to take with so many options before...

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Travel Blog: Cairns

This next trip takes me back to a pure, tropical paradise. The most amazing experience of white beaches, clear skies, crystal waters and...

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Travel Blog: Skiing in Austria

As it’s getting to that time of year of wintry festivities, I thought reminiscing over my winter-wonderland experience in Soll, Austria,...

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Travel Blog : Dublin

If the Irish accent isn’t reason enough to force you to book a trip to Dublin (but really, why wouldn’t it be?!) then let me tempt you with...

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Student Budgeting: Borrow Don’t Buy!

As students the unfortunate reality is that we can’t often afford all the luxuries and lifestyle we would like. Student houses aren’t the...

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Year Abroad Blog

Ciao a tutti! Right so, since my last blog I’ve been enjoying post-exam freedom a bit, and it’s been great. The snow actually got pretty...