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5 Holiday Destinations to Go with your Girls

With all these deadlines coming up, it’s no wonder most of us are thinking of escaping abroad for a holiday! Gorgeous beaches, sunny weather and the thought of doing absolutely nothing sounds perfect! And there isn’t a better time than now to start looking and booking a summer holiday – and HerCampus Leeds has the top five holiday destinations you should be going with your girls this year at student friendly prices…


Cheap, sunny and party central; Ibiza, located off the coast Of Spain, is a perfect place to go to this year! With temperatures of 27c in July and August, you are guaranteed great weather for sunbathing and tanning!

Top things to do in Ibiza:

1.       Es Vedra – this tiny island is a boat ride away from Ibiza, and is recommended for its gorgeous views and sunset!

2.       Cala Comte – Ibiza’s best beach (according to TripAdvisor) with crisp, clear waters – perfect for beach bums!

3.       Charlie’s Bar – if you’re into tribute acts, a good atmosphere and reasonable priced drinks, this is for you!



Located off the coast of Africa, this small island boasts beautiful beaches, sunny skies and great nightlife! Lanzarote has something for all your girls, whether you want to party or explore – it ticks all the boxes!

Top things to do in Lanzarote:

1.       The Island Bar – Lanzarote’s best live bar with music acts for all tastes!

2.       Timanfaya National Park – for the cultural enthusiasts in your group, this is for you! Take a coach tour around the volcanoes in Lanzarote!

3.       Fundacion Cesar Manrique – for the art lovers, visit Cesar Manrique’s (the man behind all the sculptures in Lanzarote) house and indulge yourself in his artwork!



Greece is renowned for its beautiful scenery and culture, and the exquisite island of Corfu would be the ideal place to with the girls if you are looking for a more relaxing holiday!

Top places in Corfu:

1.       Corfu Taxi Tours – take a tour around Corfu in your very own private taxi with your own chauffeur – a great way to explore the area.

2.       Trailriders Horse Trekking – if you or your friends are more into sports and adventure, then taking a horse riding trek around some of Corfu’s most beautiful sites is definitely for you.

3.       Kassiopi – one of Corfu’s most relaxing and beautiful beaches.


If you haven’t watched the television show, then Benidorm is the perfect place to go if you love the nightlife and lazy days on the beach! The Spanish town has a wonderful beach connected to all its major bars and nightclubs, and also has some fun-filled tourist attractions to keep all of your girls satisfied!

Top things to do in Benidorm:

1.       The Intimate Bar – a great night out with live music – plus there’s karaoke!

2.       Levante Beach – this main beach that lies on the seafront is not only amazing for sunbathing, but there are lots of water sport activities to do as well!

3.       Aqualandia – for your adrenaline junkie friends, I recommend you spend a day at this water park!



This major Spanish city is a major tourist attraction – and it’s no wonder why as Malaga boasts not only cultural enticements (it was the birthplace of Picasso) but vibrant nightlife for the party animals! Whether you are planning to stay up until 6am partying or just want to sightsee some beautiful historic sites – Malaga is the destination for your group!

1.       Alcazaba – a wonderful place if you want to take a relaxing walk around some lovely sights!

2.       Clarence Jazz Club – for the music and nightlife lovers, this jazz club would make an amazing night out for you and your friends!

3.       Larios Centro – if you can’t stay away from clothes shopping whilst on holiday, then this shopping centre is a must-go to – even Primark is there!

REMEMBER: Make sure when you book a holiday package that the transport is included and if you are a heavy suitcase packer, add extra luggage just in case! The best thing about booking a holiday package is that most of the work is done for you – all you need to do is pay. So get booking now whilst the best deals are cheap, and give yourself a well-deserved treat after a year of studying!

For more information on post-exam package deals, click the two links below:

·         http://www.toulouse.aeroport.fr/en/offres-vols-toulouse/malaga

·         https://www.onthebeach.co.uk

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