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Long Live Lambda: A Tribute

Early last week, the headquarters of Lambda Chi Alpha suspended Butler’s on-campus chapter. After this event, we reached out to Lambdas on...

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Campus Cutie: Kolter Bolten

You've probably already seen him before, cruising across campus in a red mustang (complete with a persoanlized license plate) or two...

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Justin Spencer ’17

Justin Spencer Year: Junior Major: Government and Politics/Geography Relationship Status: Single What is your favorite place on campus?...

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Her Campus at Ohio U David Aglioti

Hometown: Green, Ohio Age: 19 Extracurricular activities: Lambda Chi Alpha Associate and Snowcats Relationship status: Single Favorite...

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Victor Beck ’17

Hometown: Austin, Texas Age: 20 Majors: Engineering Management and Economics; Minor: math Greek Affiliation: Lambda Chi Alpha Relationship...