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Pups and Pops!

Who can be stressed when looking at this adorable face? Chi Psi hosted their philanthropy event, Pups and Pops to raise money to support a...

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Kean W. Devine ’16

What is it with boys from Nashville? They’re well-mannered, well-dressed and a perfect candidate to take home to mom. Kean W. Devine...

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Conor O’Bryan

You can catch Conor on any given day channeling his inner Michael Scott and jamming to classic 90’s pop songs with no shame. Casually...

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Damien Watson ’15

Sorry collegiettes, but Damien Watson is taken! As a junior this year, he frequents at Alumni Hall in the Architecture Studio and is also...

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Kyle Reynolds ’15

Kyle Reynolds is on the market, collegiettes! Your best bet may be to catch him at Side Bar, on a hike at Hueston Woods, or at his...