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Fun in Florals

It’s floral season again! I love spring and summer fashion because of the many ways florals can be worn. I saw Victoria Chitko, a 20-year-...

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It’s a Pirate’s Life

It felt like the entire campus was dead last weekend as waves of UF students traveled to Tampa for The Gasparilla Pirate Festival. Even the...

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Playing with Chambray

This actually happened. “That is NOT in dress code for chapter,” said one sorority girl to the other as she attempted to walk into their...

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Style How to Wear a Chambray: 20 Ways

If you haven’t received the memo, a chambray is one of the coolest must-haves for collegiettes. Wait, a cham- what ? We’re talking about...

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Ava Rojo

Madewell Campus Ambassador, Ava Rojo (COM ’15), pulls off the denim-on-denim look like a pro. She pairs a Gap chambray shirt with Madewell...

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Chambray Showers

If only we could time warp back to 2007 when life was supremely simpler and wearing just one layer of clothes was the accepted norm. It was...