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Campus Cutie: Lena McCoy

This is Lena McCoy, one of the most hilarious, peppy, and inviting people on this campus. She is a great person to be around, as she is...

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Campus Cutie: Brittany Bishop

This is Brittany Bishop, one of the spunkiest, most down to earth people you'll meet. I've had the pleasure of knowing her since her...

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Campus Celebrity: Eva Cuollo

This week's campus celebrity is the ever-so amazing Eva Cuollo. She's super determined yet so humble, and she's definitely a great role...

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Campus Cutie: Allison Vogler

For those of you who don't already know her, this is Allison Vogler. Along with being a Nursing student at Case, Allison is also a...

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Campus Celebrity: Janis Cava

Janis Cava is one of the most involved people you'll come across on this campus, yet she has such a calming and composed presence. As a...