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Easy Recipes to Spice up the Cafe Food

It’s that point in the semester not only are you starting to be homesick, there is never anything good to eat in the caf. You walk into the...

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Courtyard Cafe: The Secret Menu

Coffee is a vital necessity in most college students’ lives. Morning? Gotta start the day and wake up with some coffee. Casual first date...

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Thanksgiving Feast Review

Classes that end at 6:15pm on the day of the Thanksgiving Dinner Feast are a special kind of torture. For an hour and fifteen minutes, we...

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Candles in the Caf

The cafeteria was decorated beautifully on November 19, 2015, for the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Glowing candles and simple floral...

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Campus Celebrity: Fat Chris

You know him. He’s probably swiped you into the caf, or you’ve gone back for a second helping of his International Station creations. You...