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woman leaning on white wall wearing a white tee with text \"resilient\"
Have Women’s Rights Laws Been Upheld?

Issues of gender equality still dominate our newspapers and our lives, even though the laws for women’s rights were primarily passed in the...

How can Theresa May do more for women?

Has Theresa May abandoned her gender? When thinking of our current Prime Minister, we may associate her with many struggles: Brexit, Trump...

“CHARGED”: Review

Ruby Gilmour reviews Bristol Spotlights' Doris Day & Fatal Light performed at Bristol's The Room Above.

Embracing the Flexitarian Lifestyle

As the granddaughter of a proud Polish woman, I was brought up with a love of all things meat. Going to visit my dad’s family always meant...

black placard stating on \"WELL BEHAVED WOMEN RARELY MAKE HISTORY\" on white table
The Male Pill – Blessing or Burden?

Using information from November 2016: While the female contraceptive pill has been revolutionary in allowing women control over their reproductive health and sexual freedom, it still has many side...