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two women in teal romper pants
Style Diary of a 38B

I have very few qualms about my breasts. I like the way they rest coquettishly in a white men’s dress shirt, or stand proudly in one of my...

two women in teal romper pants
Style The Diary of a 32AA

The whole time, all I could think about was how to ask her to buy me a bra. My mom and I were shopping for back-to-school clothes. Finally...

low-depth of field photo of person holding navy stilletos
Style Diary of a Barely B

She was standing in a dressing room wearing a $700 evening gown when she called us crying. “I need to speak to Mom,” she demanded. “Now.”...

green ceramic mug on wooden desk
Style The Diary of a 36DD

I suppose my journey into womanhood began just like everyone else’s. One day, I came home from school in fourth grade and my mother handed...