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woman sitting on boardwalk facing ocean by Birti Ishar via Unsplash
Her Campus at York U Chronicles By the Lake

I’ve sat on many benches in my life and the reason why I remember specific benches is because of who I was accompanied with, and the memories they created....

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The Bench of Positivity

Kayla Riemensperger, a sophomore here at DePauw, had a brilliant idea to get the students and other members of Greencastle all together as...

everton vila LurNd36RcjI unsplash?width=698&height=466&fit=crop&auto=webp
Where We Sat

Our whole lives are spent moving. We define our lives by how busy we are, where we're running off to, and what adventures we're tackling...

anthony delanoix urUdKCxsTUI unsplash?width=698&height=466&fit=crop&auto=webp
Arboretum as Spring Approaches

Winter quarter is almost over and that means it will soon be everyone’s favorite quarter! Make sure to push through these last few weeks of...

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The Tough Love Bench

This is a photo of the tough love bench at the UC Davis Arboretum. This bench, which reads, “Time doesn’t take a break. Why should you?” is...

etienne boulanger 6 KiGzRZoeg unsplash?width=698&height=466&fit=crop&auto=webp
Kenyon: Do You Even Bench?

For those of you who haven’t noticed, the red-paint-peeling, ladybug-infested Middle Path benches have been replaced with very clean, very...