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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Our whole lives are spent moving. We define our lives by how busy we are, where we’re running off to, and what adventures we’re tackling next.

As powerful as those active moments are, some of the most moving moments of our lives occur while sitting completely still. We’re asked to “please sit” before receiving big news, being told to sit in the corner and handle our emotions at a young age, or even sitting in places for causes larger than ourselves.

Looking back at my time at VSU, my growth as a young woman in relationships emotionally and mentally is partly due to me learning more about myself and partly due to the guys I have “talked to” and dated. These chairs and benches are for them.


Once upon a time, in the fall of 2012, Palms still had peeling red leather booths and we ate breakfast together on Mondays and Wednesdays. This was where we sat and the sun streamed in while we talked about College Algebra and our families. You were pretty fantastic. I’m still a little sad I let you go without giving us more time to grow together. You truly adored me and made me feel cherished. You’re one of the good ones; any girl is going be lucky to have you.


We walked around campus for hours the first night we hung out. 5am didn’t seem so bad in your company. Neither did Call of Duty or FIFA for that matter. This was where we sat with traded phones, stalking Instagram through each other’s eyes. You weren’t a social media guy and I didn’t want you to be anybody but yourself. The first time I cried hard on campus – in public – was at Chick-fil-a when you said things weren’t mutual anymore. It’s okay though. Seeing your lopsided grin made everything better when we became just friends.


I thought I had fallen in love with you. The older guy with the mature outlook on life all about helping others and making a big impact in little ways. The two weeks we spent together were a whirlwind of excitement and adventure. This was where we sat when you told me you didn’t feel the same. You said to not let us saying goodbye take away from any of the great things you had said about me. I was crushed. I left you sitting on the bench and walked down the sidewalk gasping for air. Every now and then, I see a Michigan tag and wonder how you’ve been. 


I stood up at a poetry night and read a poem I wrote on Tumblr about you. You ran outside to grab me as I was leaving and ask for my number so we could grab coffee. You were filled with these beautiful words and every line spit left me wanting to understand all that you were. We were only talking. This is where we sat when we discussed your story and mine. The other girl you still had feelings for and surprisingly, I was okay with it. I just wanted you to feel loved. Know you are by everyone you meet.


This is where I sat alone without you when a girl told me the story of your betrayal. I played it cool and reviewed the screeshots and texts without a wrinkle of concern across my forehead. I promptly proceeded to thank her for being honest and go to my room. Where I cried. For a long time. Well…like an hour. After which, I proceeded to pack up your stuff, head to your house, break up with you, and leave. I learned a lot about myself on this day and during the days and weeks and months to follow. I forgive you.

So to the guys who sat with me, sat down and got to know me, and took the time to like or love parts of me…thank you. At each table, one of us had to grab the check and go. 

But in this busy life, I don’t regret these past moments of sitting still. Each moment has played a part in my journey and for that, I am grateful. 


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