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Bacchanal Style Essentials

Especially if this is your first Bacchanal, get ready for an overwhelming day. Carboload up (no matter what your plans for the day are, because why not seize a...

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Bacchanal Recap

Cheers to the days you can't remember and the barricades you can't forget.

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Bacchanal Backlash

Usually, backlash is reserved for something that’s already happened. Still, it’s safe to say that Bacchanal backlash (and backlash to the...

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Bacchanal Must-Haves

We all know what this Saturday is: the one, the only BACCHANAL. A day that all of campus has been anxiously awaiting, we can finally say "...

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I Don’t Bacch With You – in GIFS

GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS. None other than April 2nd... Bacchanal has officially arrived! You can say "I don’t bacch with you" to all your...