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claudia colón
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I Dressed Like The Zodiac Signs For 12 Days & Here’s What I Learned About Each Of Them

Playing dress-up can be a whole lot of fun, and though I’ve never considered myself the “fashionable type,” I wanted to challenge myself to try out a new style. However, being mindful of colors and textures and the overall aesthetics is a challenge for me—and I know I’m not alone in that. Luckily, the stars can make curating an outfit a little less challenging. With 12 Zodiac signs equipped with 12 different aesthetics, I decided to dress up every day inspired by a different zodiac sign. The result? I’ve never looked better. 


claudia colón

Aries are mostly synonymous with the color red, which embodies that boldness and attention-grabbing presence they’re known for (not to mention, they’re ruled by Mars!). For this first look, I went with a half-up, half-down hairstyle to represent the ram’s horns. Then, I dolled up the look with red colored jewelry, sassy shades, and bold, red lips to give off the air of confidence that Aries exude. 

At first, this outfit made me feel a bit intimidated because it was too feisty for me: it highlighted my body, and it was an attention grabber for sure—something I’m totally not used to wearing. But after walking around on campus in it, I couldn’t help but feel hot! So much confidence started to burst from me that I’m definitely going to wear this outfit again. You win this one, Aries!


claudia colón

It’s all about coziness and Earth tones when it comes to Taurus. They are generous, comforting, and practical—and what better way to represent this sign than with relaxed brown and green tones? I styled my hair in a semi updo with a messy bun, giving out that comfortable vibe that Taurus loves. I finished this look with gold and pearl jewelry since this sign is also known to be luxurious. This outfit came naturally to me since I am a Taurus myself, so I felt at peace with my body as I rocked these cozy textures in my favorite colors.

day 3: gemini


Gemini tends to be extroverted and curious, so I chose a yellow look to show off their fun-loving personality. I styled my hair in two buns, symbolizing the duality of Gemini, and painted my eyes with a soft golden eye shadow and natural tones. This look made me feel energetic and refreshed since it was a fun color and print that I don’t tend to wear as often!  For that, I will definitely start including aspects of this look in my weekly OOTDs (and start to consider myself an honorary Gemini). Gemini, play Sunflower, Vol. 6 by Harry Styles.


claudia colón

Cancer is highly emotional, sensitive, and imaginative—and that’s how this outfit made me feel. The white and soft tones of this look were soothing to wear, and it brought me peace and confidence. I shaded my eyes with a light blue shadow and wore my hair all down, embracing the flow of this water sign. This was my favorite outfit out of all the twelve days! There was something absolutely calming and yet powerful in this look that stuck with me, and I’ll definitely embrace the calming Cancer energy more and more.

day 5: leo

leo 1
claudia colón

Leos are an artistic and fun sign, and their style should highlight just that. On day 5, I went with a cream-colored beret—because hats are always fun, duh!— and a warm eyeshadow color to give out that fire sign vibe. I also chose to wear a fun, brightly colored top that resembles the sun, since it rules Leo! I felt wholeheartedly creative and bold wearing this outfit, and it definitely made me want to channel Leo vibes in any outfit I wear from now on.

day 6: virgo

claudia colón

Virgo has a systematic way of viewing life; they tend to be a perfectionist and hardworking, so I wanted to embrace that in this next look. This earth sign finds balance in green tones, so I chose an olive skirt, topped with a butterfly printed shirt which not only gives a vintage aesthetic but also highlights the Earthly energy of this sign. This outfit made me feel classy and smart—just like you Virgos out there!

day 7: libra

claudia colón

Libras are socially enthusiastic, so I chose an outgoing look for Libra to symbolize their extroverted nature! As the romantic of the bunch, I chose to wear pink to enhance the femininity of a Libra, complete with dainty earrings and floral embroidery. I felt charming, comfy, and pretty in pink throughout the day in this casual and girly look.

day 8: scorpio

claudia colón

Scorpios are mysterious, and what better color to represent that secretive side than the color black? I used to have a fabulous goth phase as a freshman in college (hey, we’ve all been there), so I rejoined the remaining pieces of fabrics from those days and served this look with ease. The long back braid is supposed to represent the scorpion’s tail, and the smokey eye evokes the dark, yet beautiful, side of this sign. I felt tough and downright mysterious in this get-up. Should I re-enter my emo phase? Be honest.

day 9: sagittarius

claudia colón

Sagittarius are independent, humorous, and best represented through the color purple—the color of curiosity! However, I struggled a lot to find other pieces that went along with the particular purple crop top I chose. And even though I loved how this look turned out, I’d have to say that this was my least favorite outfit of the bunch. Not because I didn’t look good, but because I felt much more comfortable in the others! But that’s okay, Sagittarius, I love you just the same!

day 10: capricorn

claudia colón

When it comes to Capricorns, they’re all about discipline and hard work. I went for a bit more of a classy look for this sign, and chose to dress in those earthly tones that Capricorns look best in. This outfit made me feel like a total boss who has everything up to date and has all the confidence that is needed to keep it that way. Hey, fake it ’till you make it, right?

day 11: aquarius

claudia colón

Aquarius is a free and big thinker, and as an air sign, it is best that they’re represented in white and blue. I went for a waterfall braid and a flowy dress with a pattern that reminded me of a ceramic vase—which goes in synch with the symbol chosen for this sign since Aquarius is represented by a water bearer. I felt very light and fresh walking in this look!

day 12: pisces

claudia colón

Gentle, intuitive, and blue is what Pisces is all about. I wore a turquoise long skirt that would mimic a fishtail. My initial idea was to look mermaid-like and I think I pulled it off quite nicely! This sign is soothing and calm and I felt that as I channeled it in these clothes. 

At the end of the week, I absolutely loved the challenge! It was a bit of work and thought to get ready for the day, but still, I learned to come up with outfits that I never thought I could and discovered new trends for myself—and it made me feel totally confident. I can say that, at the end of it, I dress even more fabulously than before. Thank you, stars!

Claudia S. Colon Rosa is the Chapter Leader at the Her Campus at UPR chapter. In addition to overseeing all chapter affairs, she manages the magazine’s editorial and contributes to it as a fellow writer, mainly crafting articles under wellness, life, and entertainment. Beyond Her Campus, Claudia has worked as assistant editor for the English department’s academic journal, Sargasso, where she managed the journal’s printing press and distribution. She has also written for Rebeldia magazine and was part of the Her Campus National Writer program where she published an array of articles. She is currently a senior at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, majoring in English Literature and pre-medical studies. When she’s not writing an essay or overwhelmed with chemistry formulas, Claudia loves to watch anime and exercise to dance parties on YouTube. She gets the best of both worlds and she wouldn’t want to have it any other way.