You Won't Believe What Selena Gomez Earns from Her Puma Collab Insta Posts

When you got major influence, you can expect some major dollars rolling in as soon as you sponsor a brand. But when you're a superstar like Selena Gomez, it's a whole new ballgame. As if Selena wasn't already perfect enough, she is actually the most followed person on Instagram, with a whopping 141 million followers. With that kind of exposure, many brands are vying for sponsorship from the former Disney star. Puma, however, has added Selena to their list of the hottest influencers, and thanks to Selena's insane influence, the top-tier sportswear brand has earned literally millions. Selena's most recent sponsored post for Puma, while already captivating for showing off her gorgeous figure and Puma pieces, is actually worth around $3.5 million!  

That's literally almost 18x the value of a post done by Puma's own Instagram account, which is usually worth around $195,000. The post features Selena in Puma's Defy Midline of sportswear, including a Puma sports bra and Puma leggings with the thick logo across the leg, followed by some matching sneakers. Her hair in a messy ponytail and red lip bring a sexier image to the sleek Puma sportswear, and Selena's followers are all over it. While the Puma post was put up in July of the past year, it has racked up more than $7.2 million likes.



Striking a pose in the new @puma Defy Mid. #DoYou

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Now that's just how powerful our Selena is as an influencer. What's more astounding though is where Selena puts that extraordinary sum from Puma to use. Selena donated a sum of $100,000 to the Alliance for Lupus Research, an organization which looks to support those with autoimmune diseases like lupus, a disease which Selena herself has. While an awesome influencer, it's refreshing to see someone with so much reach put her earnings into deserving causes. We hope to see more interesting and productive ways Selena can use her platform to help and connect with others.