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The Wrong Shoe Theory On TikTok Is The Style Hack You Need To Try

Since more and more eclectic looks are in for summer and fall 2023, you might be looking for new style hacks that are completely out of the box. Thanks to the viral Wrong Shoe Theory on Tiktok, fashion enthusiasts are now deliberately opting for shoes that are unique and non-traditional, prioritizing creative expression over practicality and changing the overall vibe of their look from simple to intentional. 

Allison Bornstein, the wardrobe stylist who outlined this trend on TikTok, advocates for incorporating alternative-style footwear to add more personality into your look. For example, instead of wearing sneakers with a more sporty fit, wear something more of a contrast (business casual). While pairing some of your favorite sneakers with a dress isn’t entirely new, styling this simple “wrong” combo can make your closet much more interesting.

If loving the wrong shoe theory is wrong, then I don’t want to be right at all. Celebs like Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift are already rocking this trend, and now you can, too. Here are some cool new unexpected shoe style alternatives that will make a bold fashion statement and set you apart from the crowd.


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For a bold and daring statement, consider wearing a pair of boots with one of your more dressy outfits. Whether you opt for combat boots, cowboy boots, or even go-gos, these footwear choices add a touch of grit to a more polished look. By exploring various boot styles and dress combinations, you’ll discover limitless possibilities to express your unique style, creating captivating and attention-grabbing outfits that truly reflect your softer-yet-edgy personality.


What better “wrong” shoe to incorporate into your ‘fit than Crocs? You must know about the heated Crocs debate, but if you’re a fan of these classic clogs, you’re well aware of their versatile nature. Their unique style can effortlessly be paired with a wide range of outfits. From this preppy mini skirt to maxi dresses, Crocs complement any look with their softness and comfortable design. Bonus points if you accessorize with your favorite Jibbitz.


By adding flip-flops to your professional attire, you effortlessly blend formal and casual styles, infusing a laid back charm. Flip-flops are a modern, fashion-forward way to break conventional boundaries and showcase your individuality. Pairing a classic power suit with flip-flops also elevates these relaxed essentials to new heights, creating a confident and unexpected juxtaposition.


Incorporating heels with sweatpants, or even your newest pajama set, takes the concept of loungewear to new heights. This instantly elevates your look to one that’s effortlessly chic, as the combination of the casual sweatpants and the sleek heels creates a perfect balance of comfort and style. While the relaxed bottoms matched with the elevated footwear creates a striking contrast, it ultimately makes it a perfect choice for those who want to stand out in a fashionable way.

Mismatched Prints

Don’t be afraid to mix and match unexpected patterns and textures. Channel your own Jess from New Girl by pairing your animal print ballerina flats with your polka dot dress. It’s giving 2013 Tumblr, but these contrasting prints will reflect your unique sense of style. To prevent your outfit from looking completely “wrong,” try to find prints that belong to the same color family.


It’s almost a no-brainer to elevate your outfit by adding sneakers. Pairing your most elegant dresses with comfortable and stylish sneakers creates a chic ensemble. You can walk into any occasion with confidence and comfort. Whether you choose a breezy maxi skirt for those sunny days or a mini dress for a night out, the addition of sneakers adds a touch of individuality and coolness to your overall appearance.

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