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This Is Why You’re Not Seeing Plus-Sizes Available in Zendaya’s Boohoo Collection

Zendaya recently released a gorgeous spring collection with fashion retailer Boohoo, but one thing seems to be missing. Although sizes 2 through 20 were advertised to be available in her line, plus-sizes were not seen at the time of launch, according to Teen Vogue. Fans were left wondering why, with one user tweeting, “Really disappointed to find that @Zendaya’s boohoo edit (advertised for sizes 2-20) does not have inclusive sizing across the board. #why?” 

Zendaya took to Twitter herself to respond to the issue, explaining that her collection sold out quickly in those sizes. “I’ve looked into it, apparently the curve sizes sold out first and that’s why they’re not showing up as available.”

Boohoo released their own statement on Twitter as well, explaining that they experienced some technical issues and they’re working on restocking items that sold out.

Hopefully they’ll have the items back on the online shelves as quickly as they flew off them!

Rep Image: Zendaya / Instagram