Why Patagonia, REI, North Face & More Are Taking a Stand Against Trump

This Monday, President Trump signed two proclamations which allow a huge reduction of land from the Bears Ears and Grand Stairs Escalante monuments in Utah––think 2 million acres to be exact. These proclamations basically make protected land open to being torn down, mined for oil, and constructed on for lodgings and other big capital projects. Trump’s reduction of these protected lands was shocking to many, including outdoor retail brands like Patagonia, REI and North Face. Shortly after the news broke, the brands took to Twitter to start a discussion on just how damaging the rollback of land protection is to our nation. 

North Face even went as far as starting up a campaign for a Bear Ears Education Center as a more productive and environmentally-conscious use of the now unprotected land.

This call to action from retailers is not only inspiring, but crucial. Like with the America-First Offshore Energy Strategy, Trump’s weighing of money-making projects over environmental protections is no secret after the huge changes he’s been implementing this past year. With the big lifts of protections on public lands, we’re all wondering what our country’s landscape is going to look like after the next three years, but we’re glad that these big brands are fighting back now. Your North Face backpack deserves a good pat on the back after this one.

Photo: Gage Skidmore