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Fans Think That This Character Will Die In The ‘White Lotus’ Finale

This post contains spoilers for Season 2 of HBO Max’s White Lotus.

I don’t know about you, but my mind has been completely taken over by White Lotus. Season 2 whisked us away to Sicily and was full of more drama and craziness than I ever could’ve imagined. And while I’m not quite ready to pack up my bags and leave The White Lotus just yet, this season is coming to an end on Dec. 11. So, until I’m pulled out of this lavish hotel kicking and screaming, I’ll continue my late-night theorizations about the upcoming finale.

This season was an absolute ride, to say the least. Because of all of the scandals, cheating, and madness happening at the White Lotus hotel, fans are going into the finale with more questions than ever before: What’s going to happen to Tanya? What’s the deal with Quentin and Greg? Is Lucia, like, OK? Who dies this time, Mike White?!

I’m not the only one spiraling as the finale inches closer, however. Many WhiLo fans are taking to Twitter and TikTok to analyze the series and form their (sometimes crazy) theories about where this finale is headed. Honestly, some of these check out — what do you think?

Quentin And Greg are out to take Tanya’s money.

Let’s get this (obvious) one right out of the way. Episode 6 revealed to the audience that the “cowboy” that Quentin fell in love with years ago (and is still in love with) is none other than Tanya’s husband, Greg. As we know, Tanya is loaded and was born into exorbitant amounts of old money. Quentin, however, is a money-hungry man that’s set out to not only take Tanya’s man, but her millions as well. When it comes to Greg, extorting Tanya kind of makes sense: he’s been married four times before, for short periods, so it’s safe to say that the guy loses interest pretty quickly. However, it might not be Tanya’s sense of humor that Greg wants to stay with, it’s her money. So, if Greg wants to get out of this marriage, why not try to take some money along with it?


Quentin showered Tanya earlier in the season with all of the European luxuries she could’ve dreamed of. And, most recently, this included a ‘lil romp with a hot Italian man, Niccolo. Fans were quick to notice a red light in the back of the scene, which some are theorizing to be a camera. Tanya cheating on Greg would violate their prenuptial agreement — which would result in Greg getting out of the marriage with money in his pocket. Fans are also theorizing that, since Quentin may have set this whole plan up, he would be entitled to some of that cash as well.

Portia is in danger, and might actually die.

Portia is annoying, this we know. But I’m not going to lie, during the entire night with her and Jack, I was literally screaming get out of there! at my TV. The red flags were getting more and more visible, especially when Jack refers to the “deep hole” he was in before meeting Quentin. Black-out drunk, he reveals that Quentin has a plan to make his way back into money and, as a reward, will help him and his friends out financially. And since Portia is Tanya’s assistant, it makes sense that she’s just as much a part of this scheme as anyone else.

Portia’s isolation is planned — they want her to be away from Tanya, which will leave her more vulnerable than ever if Greg is in on this whole plan. Whether her death is accidental or not (perhaps a hostage situation gone wrong?), fans have a feeling that Portia won’t make it out of this season alive — and she may even be the body in the ocean from the first episode.

Lucia is conning the Di Grassos, and things aren’t looking up for Albie.

Okay… is it just me, or did the whole Lucia and Alessio thing kind of come out of nowhere? We know that White Lotus is big on twists, but something about this just didn’t sit well with fans of the show. Alessio, who Lucia claims is a threat, was actually seen in episode one of the season. Lucia even talks to him, and the exchange seems friendly enough, so much so that fans believe that the two could be related, or even dating. Additionally, before Lucia leaves with the Di Grassos, she has a conversation with a bellhop who she claims is a “brother of a friend”. Is it just a coincidence that Alessio drives up to their car to intimidate the Di Grassos shortly after?

We know that Lucia is connected with the hotel as a sex worker, so is it really a stretch to suggest that some of the employees are in on her plan as well? Fans of the show have been taking note, and believe that Lucia and Alessio are conning Albie to gain access to the Di Grasso’s money.

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However, other fans believe that Alessio is a threat. And once Albie actually (for once) stands up for Lucia and tries to help her out, he’ll end up dead. No matter what, this finale isn’t looking too hot for Albie, TBH.

Harper is playing Ethan as a revenge ploy, and she’s using Cameron to do it.

Harper is easily one of the best characters this season, and it’s not just because she’s played by Aubrey Plaza. The entire season, we’ve been observing Harper’s strained relationship with her husband, Ethan. She’s frustrated by their sex life, and tensions only grow when she believes that Ethan cheated on her during a boy’s night with Cameron. And while the show wants us to believe that Harper cheated on Ethan with Cameron, I don’t think that’s the case.

If anything, fans (and myself) believe that Harper is intentionally flirting with Cameron and leading him on to make Ethan jealous. This is definitely in response to her belief that Ethan cheated on her — and making Ethan think that she’s sleeping with his hot friend is the ultimate payback. Whether she’s doing this to get him back, get them to have sex, or teach him a lesson, I always believe that Aubrey Plaza’s characters are a little unhinged.

Daphne has something to do with, like, all of this.

OK, hear me out, but I think Daphne is more engaged in all of the White Lotus madness than we think. While everyone around her is going up in flames, I think that Daphne’s cool and collected demeanor is a total front. And I truly believe Daphne is orchestrating something, and it’s going to play out in the finale. I don’t know what “it” is, but I know that she is no victim… the actress who plays her, Meghann Fahey, said it herself in an interview with Vulture.

Let us not forget, Daphne was using some cryptic language in episode one. She says to the beach newcomers, “Italy is so romantic. Oh, you’re gonna die!”, and mentions that they’re going to have to “drag” them out of there right before she finds a body floating in the ocean?! Either I’m reading way too into this, or I’m on the cusp of something crazy. I guess we won’t know ’till Sunday, huh?

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