Where to Buy Your Best-Fitting Jeans Ever

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A good pair of jeans can change your life -- seriously. You can dress them up for nighttime adventures or keep ‘em casual for running errands or going to class. When you find a pair you love, it’s basically impossible to let go of them. Example? I have a pair of jeans from tenth grade that I still wear on the reg. Because the HC team takes our denim very seriously, when we were challenged to find our best fitting jeans ever, obviously we took the opportunity.

So, over the weekend, I trolled the streets of New York City, desperately searching for the perfect pair of jeans to become my new go-to. I knew that I needed something that had a lot of stretch, because I hate stiff jeans that are super constricting, but also didn’t loose its shape after multiple wears. Other “musts”? A pair that wasn’t too expensive (living on an intern’s budget, over here!) and made my butt look good. Just being honest.

And I found them! I found the perfect pair of jeans. It was like reaching denim Nirvana, where everything fit perfectly and made the parts of my body I wanted to accentuate look really good (and made the parts I’m not so stoked about look good too!). So where did I find this elusive pair of impeccable jeans? Abercrombie & Fitch! Yep, you read that right. Every single pair jeans I tried on at Abercrombie & Fitch fit like a dream. I am definitely not model-thin, but the A&F denim I slipped into made me feel like Karlie Kloss, ready to strut down a runway and do a hair flip and everything.

At A&F, the denim options are basically endless. Almost every fit you can think of exists in-store, placed in deliciously straight piles. Some examples? Fits include Boyfriend, Jean Legging, Super Skinny, High Rise Super Skinny, Overall, and Boot Cut. See, I told you they have every type of jean imaginable.

The jeans I picked out fit my other criteria too. They weren’t as expensive as I thought they were going to be, because this week you can get any jeans in store for $35 (which is way, way less than what I usually spend on high quality jeans) and made my backside look pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself. After trying on almost every pair of jeans in the store, I ended up deciding on the Natural Waist Jegging in a really pretty slate grey color. I have tried on jeggings in the past and felt really awkward in them, but these are absolutely amazing. The waistband lies flat against my stomach, the fabric doesn’t pucker anywhere, and they’re so comfortable. I literally feel like I’m walking down the street in my pajama pants. Really chic pajama pants, that is.

If you’re looking for an awesome pair of jeans at an even more awesome price, then I can’t recommend checking out Abercrombie & Fitch enough. With so many options, you’re bound to find your perfect fit, too.

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