When Designers Imagine Clothes For Models, Here's What Real Women Would Have To Look Like


In response to the ongoing body image battle within the fashion industry that has tended to produce a trend of emaciated models, Revolution Brasil, created a “Human Sketches” campaign for one of the top agencies in Brazil, Star Models, which uses the slogan “You are Not a Sketch: Say No To Anorexia.”

The campaign is based on the harmful role fashion illustrations play when it comes to public ideas about how models should look. Since such waif-like, long limbed drawings have become so standard, when seeing a designer’s sketch of clothing on an imaginary model, most people probably don’t think twice about the realities of such extreme proportions.  This campaign’s alignment of photoshopped models with sketched counterparts demonstrates how unhealthy a real person would appear should they have the same measurements as a typical sketch.

As disturbing as these images may be, it is comforting to know that a top international modeling agency is making strides in combatting eating disorders in the fashion industry.