What to Wear to College Parties: Your Complete Guide

It’s a typical Friday night during your freshman year. This week has been particularly rough and you’re about to dive headfirst into bed when a friend tells you there’s a party tonight! Faith in the universe restored, the first thing you do is head to your closet, open the doors, and grab… what? Tons of questions suddenly rush to mind: how dressy should I be? Is this a casual thing? What kind of shoes should I wear? What should I do to my hair?

Suddenly feeling overwhelmed about a seemingly fun event? Don’t be! For some of you, freshman year of college is your first time being exposed to the “party” scene. It’s okay if you don’t know what to wear the first couple of times! No matter what type of party you’re going to, here are a few staple pieces you need to have in your closet.

Top it Off

The first item on your party-attire shopping list should be a couple of flowy tops. Whether you’re at a house party, at a frat party or just hanging out at your friend’s house, you’ll want to be comfortable. Also, as people start showing up, it can get really hot. Favor lighter materials, like this high-low chevron blouse from Charlotte Russe ($21.99). Pair it with your best skinny jeans and a classic pair of pumps for a casual yet stylish look. This colorblocked shirt from Forever 21 ($15.80) is another great option because it’s very lightweight and will keep you cool in those crowded rooms.

Crop tops have become extremely popular this year, especially at college parties. Rider University junior J’na Jefferson says that crop tops have been all the rage at her school! A plain crop top like this one from Love Culture ($9.95) is great if you’ve got patterned bottoms you’ve been itching to wear. However, if you’re looking for something more vibrant to add to your wardrobe, pick up this floral crop top from Forever 21 ($11.80). The best part about these crop tops? They can be worn with any bottom of your choice! “I really love the bare midriff trend, so I like wearing crop tops with high-waisted bodycon skirts,” Fordham University junior Alyssa Fiorentino says.

Love the way crop tops look but wary of showing too much skin? Check out this Her Campus article for some tips on how to stay chic while wearing crop tops!