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Here’s A Full Guide On What To Wear For Each Round Of Sorority Rush

Whether you’ve seen it in the movies, watched the Bama Rush documentary, or had a sister go through it, most incoming college students have heard of sorority recruitment. And even further, many of them may be going through it this fall. If you are participating in rush at your college this year, you are probably well aware that the start date is rapidly approaching. 

I went through recruitment in August of 2019, and I still remember the stress. Not only did I put pressure on myself to find my home away from home, I also put pressure on myself to have the best outfits for each round. Basically, the nerves I had for the whole situation manifested in me being overly picky about every outfit. I wish I had a personal stylist to just tell me what to wear for each round because so many questions arose through the shopping process. Is this too short? Is this too casual? Am I allowed to wear white? 

While each school is different, there is a general format for how recruitment goes. The whole experience can seem nerve-wracking and intimidating, but your outfit is one thing you can go into the week feeling confident in. Shop these sorority alum-approved picks to complete your rush wardrobe. 

Round One

During orientation, the Panhellenic organization may give you a T-shirt for the first round. If that is the case, styling it may not be the easiest task, especially depending on the color of the shirt. When shopping for a fun bottom to pair it with, make sure you choose something comfortable (because it will be a long day) that’s an appropriate length.

Marin Ruffle Skirt, Shop Stevie, $29

Philanthropy Round

Philanthropy round is when each sorority showcases the philanthropic organization they support. This round is a little bit dressier than the previous round, however, a casual sundress or conservative two-piece set is perfect.

Harleen Mini Dress, Showpo, $80

Sisterhood Round

Sisterhood round is my favorite round. Here, each organization is going to showcase the love they have for each other, and the lifelong friendships that can come out of Greek life. As for attire, this is similar to the philanthropy round.

Cutest Event Mini Dress, Hello Molly, $95

Preference Round

For the most part, Preference Round is the final round. This is such a special moment for anyone going through recruitment —  you’re almost at the end! You will want to save your nicest dress for this special day. Below are a few pref-ready options.

Renesmee Pink Floral Chiffon Maxi Dress, Beginning Boutique, $75

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