What Spring Style Trend I Think You Should Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Spring has officially sprung, and the change in season means that it’s time to change up your wardrobe. Now that warmer weather is finally starting to set in, you can finally break out your favorite sunshine-ready outfits, but not before you pick up a few new trends along the way!

There are so many to try this season, so let me take some of the stress off of you by telling you which new trend to try in the best way I know how: your astrological sign. I’m an astrological aficionado who did some serious chart-reading to get these results and would never make all of this up based on my personal experiences with these signs. Never!

  1. 1. Capricorn: matching outfit sets

    Earth signs are pragmatic and Capricorns are no exception. You do tend to have a little more fun than most, which is why a colorful matching set is the bright and organized outfit of your dreams.

  2. 2. Aquarius: unique belts

    Aquarians love to experiment with their style! Adding in some unique and unexpected belts will challenge you to elevate your style to another level.

  3. 3. Pisces: capris

    I’m directly contradicting our lord and style savior, Tan France, by including capris on this list BUT I don’t make the trends, I just report on them. Pisces can pull off casual styles like nobody’s business and aren’t afraid of a challenge, which makes styling capris a perfect choice.

  4. 5. Taurus: puffed sleeves

    The classic Taurus is cool without trying to be, which means you can pull off even the most uncouth styles. Puffy sleeves are very exaggerated, but your unruffled demeanor makes them easy to wear.

  5. 6. Gemini: bell bottoms

    Geminis are plain fun to be around, which is why you’re the perfect person to bring back the most exciting trend from the '80s.

  6. 7. Cancer: printed bags

    Cancers tend to lean towards polished styles, so adding a loud printed accessory is the perfect way to shake up your everyday style!

  7. 8. Leo: striped pants

    You thrive in the spotlight, so why not bring the spotlight to you? These bright patterned pants are fun and attention-grabbing without being overdone, just like Leos.

  8. 9. Virgo: silk blouse

    Virgos are calm, cool, and collected with a sensual side they don’t show that often. Silk blouses let you show a little bit of your true self while still being structured and elegant.

  9. 10. Libra: overalls

    Libras can shuttle between glam and casual, and overalls allow them to do both. Paired over a blouse, overalls can look delicate and casual all at once.

  10. 11. Scorpio: corduroy

    Scorpios are the biggest fashionistas I know, and pulling off a unique texture is exactly the kind of challenge they need.

I hope this article has served as a guiding star in your quest to try out new spring trends. Truthfully, you can pull off any one of these trends regardless of your astrological sign, but this way is just a little more fun. Happy spring, now go try out some new trends!