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These Viral Rings Are Stirring Up So Much Drama For Couples

There are lots of ways that jewelry holds significance. There are plenty of pieces of jewelry, such as collectable charm bracelets, lockets, and friendship bracelets, which can indicate friendships, family values, or big moments in our lives that deserve to be commemorated. Some really expensive jewelry can have significance to some people, as a representation of their own success, or maybe it’s a piece you saw your favorite celebrity wearing. 

Whatever you buy your jewelry for, there is surely something out there for you. Many brands have made their own spin on how your jewelry can mean something, like Pandora, whose charms are meant to symbolize the big life moments you want to remember. 

But the type of jewlery that perhaps the most significance are rings. There is, of course, the engagement ring, one of the most universally recognizable pieces of jewelry. And then there are more niche examples like the claddagh ring, which also is an indication of a relationship status, but may only hold significance in certain cultures. And now, there is something new on the market, a brand selling ring that you can only buy once in your lifetime — literally. Enter, Darry Ring.

In true TikTok-viral brand fashion, the company Darry Ring has recently made its mark as a jewelry brand that specializes in engagement rings that you can only buy once. There has been a recent surge of videos online related to this brand as it gains popularity, both positive and negative, but if you haven’t seen any of the drama online about the Darry Ring yet, I’m here to fill you in. 

What Is A Darry Ring, Actually? 

Darry Ring is a brand that sells all different varieties of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, watches and other accessories. However, the company is best known for its engagement and promise rings, which are both beautiful and surprisingly inexpensive, as far as rings go, with some costing under $1,000. The thing about these rings that really makes them stand out is that once you’ve bought one, you can never buy another one for another person. In order to be certain of the singularity of your purchase, when you buy a ring, you must show identification, and sign something called a true love agreement, which is essentially a contract in which both parties — the ring giver and the ring receiver — must agree their love is as singular as the ring itself. 

The brand was founded by a couple who fell in love in 2010, who believe that a true love is something you should commit to once — and only once. “True love is intangible, but the Darry Ring ID and your True Love Agreement will hold this promise of fidelity, commitment, and devotion securely in your hearts,” the company’s website says. 

Why Is The Darry Ring Causing Drama? 

In recent months, multiple influencers on TikTok have done videos promoting the Darry Ring, like reality TV star Francesca Farago. The clip she posted shows her and her fiancé gifting each other rings as “a nice way to celebrate [our] love.” There have been plenty of other influencers who have also sung the brand’s praises, but not everyone has had the best experience. 


the darry ring is so interesting to me cause i really only see young people buying them for their partners which means all of them think they will be with that partner forever which kinda gives me hope for the world #creatorsearchinsights #darryring

♬ original sound – Mark Roberts

TikTok influencer Mark Roberts posted on June 17 about how this ring had caused drama in his life, saying that one of his friends discovered her boyfriend was cheating because she found out he’d bought a Darry Ring for another girl. According to Roberts, once his friend mentioned wanting a ring, the boyfriend bought one — except, when she looked at the receipt, it showed the name as the name that was on his fake ID from college, not his real name. That is because, it turns out, he had already purchased a Darry Ring with his real ID… for another person. Many comments on the video are saying things like, “The word Darry Ring has lost all meaning to me after this,” and “I swear the Darry ring causes drama in everyone’s life.” 


this is NOT what i expected to see…. #darryring

♬ original sound – KEELY GRACE

Others have discovered their partners have made Darry Ring purchases by going to the brand’s website and doing a love check, where you can enter the email address your significant other may have used to buy a ring to find out if they have already bought a ring from the site. That’s exactly what TikTok user @keely1123 did. In a June 17 video, she said she used the love check tool to try and find out if her boyfriend had already bought a Darry Ring. After entering her partner’s info, the tool told her that yes, “you have bound your one true love,” meaning her boyfriend had already bought a ring from the company. This could mean either he bought a ring for someone else… or on a more hopeful note, he bought one for her but just hasn’t given it to her yet and therefore she’s in for a super romantic gift. 

While this ring may be a cheesy concept, and even a source of  some bad relationship drama, at its core, it is a sweet idea. As Roberts captioned his aforementioned video, “The Darry Ring is so interesting to me cause I really only see young people buying them for their partners, which means all of them think they will be with that partner forever, which kinda gives me hope for the world.” After all, who doesn’t want to believe in true love? 

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