SMFH, There Are Now Weed Flower Crowns for Coachella

You've probably heard by now that recreational marijuana was legalized in California on November 8 (that's one good thing to come out of that day). So if you feel like smoking at your Coachella campsite, you don't have to hide it anymore (it's still technically not allowed on the actual venue grounds). This is convenient, considering weed has always been a huge part of festival culture. You know what else is a huge part of festival culture? Flower crowns. The difference is, most people are sick and tired of flower crowns, but weed never goes out of style, never goes out of style.

One valiant weed-growing company, Lowell Herb Co., took it upon itself to give your tired festival headpiece a smoking hot update: I give you... the weed flower crown.



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I'm assuming the point of this is to make every basic white girl feel like fuckin' Lana Del Rey for a weekend, but also, like, no. Please, no. As pointed out by Betches, wearing this will make you smell like bud, probably for days after you get back from Indio. It will stick to your hair and bits will fall off and people will try to grab it off of your head. All so you can look like every girl at Coachella... in the history of Coachella. The weed flower crown is not edgy or cool, and it definitely won't protect you from the sun, so maybe stick with wearing a hat? Just a thought.