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Kitsch’s New Wednesday Addams Hair Collab Is Perfect For Your Halloween Costume

Your favorite Netflix TV series surrounding an iconic member of a spooky family has partnered with Kitsch to release an exciting hair accessory collaboration. That’s right! The Wednesday x Kitsch collab is live with a few cute and mysterious hair pieces guaranteed to help you ominously accessorize your hair the Addams family way. The fan-favorite Netflix series is being brought to life with these exciting and fashionable hair accessories. They’re available on the Kitsch website as of Sept. 18 and will be available at Walmart stores beginning Sept. 30. 

From hair clips and hair ties to veil headbands, the Wednesday x Kitsch hair collection is exactly what you need to get ready for spooky season! Prepping for Halloween 2023 has never been more exciting than with this limited-time collaboration. But Halloween isn’t the only day these accessories can be used! Whether you’re looking to amplify your hair accessory collection or are incredibly excited for Season 2 of Wednesday, these hair pieces will surely get you ready!

Goth Veil Headband ($12)

The Wednesday x Kitsch Goth Veil Headband is the hair accessory you didn’t know you needed. It’s ideal for adding darkness to your ensemble, and is inspired by Wednesday Addams’ renowned gothic aesthetic. Created with sheer lace material, this headband creates a hauntingly stunning style that is also comfy to wear all day.

Checkered Claw Clip Set ($12)

Inspired by Wednesday’s distinctive goth aesthetic, the stylish matte black half-moon clip and the glossy black and white checkered clip work perfectly together. Great for Halloween and everyday wear, these clips, which are made from recycled materials, are a great introduction to the spooky season!

Goth Snap Clips ($12)

These silver snap clips are suitable for all head shapes and sizes and are exactly what you need to incorporate into your next hairstyle! The clips are antique silver in color and finish for a classic heirloom look. Attached at the ends are charms inspired by Wednesday and the Addams family, such as an umbrella, a cello, and a raven.

Nevermore Bow Hair Ties ($12)

Made with luxurious satin, this two-piece bow hair tie set is the perfect combination of purple and black. Inspired by Wednesday’s iconic pigtail hairstyle, these bows are soft and stretchy, making them guaranteed to hold all day and prevent breakage! 

Nevermore Scrunchie Set ($12)

Do you want to add another sleek satin look to your collection? If so, you need these scrunchies. One is a combination of purple and black that matches the bow hair ties, and the other is a delicate and Victorian goth scrunchie created with lace material.

Collectors Bundle ($60)

If you can’t decide which hair accessory to choose, no need to worry! The Wednesday x Kitsch collab has you covered with the collector’s bundle! In this set, you will get one of each item from the collection, and you’ll undoubtedly be ready for the upcoming Halloween season! 

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