We Tried Instagram's Fave Sunglasses & They Made Us Feel So Trendy

If you spend any time on Instagram at all (which, let's be real, we all do 24/7), you've probably heard of Topfoxx sunglasses. Founded in 2015, Topfoxx is truly beloved by influencers. Based in the concrete jungle of New York City, each and every pair is clearly designed with top trends in mind, and they give us major heart eyes. 


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Not only are they affordable for the average consumer, they are also unique enough to earn you a ton of compliments on the streets. And, honestly, isn't that what we all secretly want when we try out a new trend?

Their creative motto is that their products, specifically their sunglasses, are “not for the average girl." Who wants to be average, anyway?

We decided to live our best lives and give Topfoxx a try, and we felt trendier than ever before.

What's nice about Topfoxx is that they don't feel too extra—with styles ranging from bright and eye-catching to more subtle and edgy, there's a style for everyone no matter what your aesthetic.

Not only do they have classic shapes reinvented with cool lenses and frames (the Arrest Me sunnies, $39, spice up the frame of the classic aviator), they also have new sunglasses trends that you’ve probably been dying to try (like the Matrix sunglasses, $49, that will automatically gives you the cool-girl/i-don’t-care-about-you vibes).

Let’s be real, the sunglasses trend of this season is definitely going to be the cat eye. And Topfoxx has got you covered.

Not only are their Matrix sunglasses catty, but they also have other feline inspired eyewear as well, like their KittyKat ($49) and Indecent Cateye ($39). But don’t fret, if you are not a trend follower, they've also got some simple classics for you as well, like the Aura ($49) and Future Wife ($49) line.

With such a wide variety of shapes and sizes, they flatter any face shape so you can get your best selfie of all time. 

Plus, the quality is honestly amazing. 

What really matters are the sunglasses themselves, right? While you can definitely find cheaper trendy sunglasses out there, they tend to come with a few problems: They break almost instantly, they start to peel (ew), and they just don't feel sturdy at all. Topfoxx sunglasses are super cute while also being super reliable, and I've never felt like they were going to get crushed or were going to randomly snap in half. Not only do their sunglasses come with a gorgeous pouch, they also comes with their own lens cloth, which is a small but nice extra step that shows they really pay attention to the details. 

​Topfoxx has the sunglasses to try this season. Question is, are you ready for them?

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