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We Found 5 Trendy Trousers That Are Both Interview & Happy Hour Approved (You’re Welcome)

If you’re a working college gal like me, you’re always on the go. You’re literally running from class to meetings to your internship to your girl’s night out. One of the biggest struggles in the morning (after waking up, of course) is assembling a ‘fit that can be multi-purpose because let’s be real — we definitely do not have time for an outfit change. A key component to a fool-proof, day-to-night look is a stylish pair of trousers.

When you’re picking out a chic new pair of trousers, it’s important to judge them on how work-appropriate they are, if they’re comfy, and of course, if they’re cute AF. If you’re able to check off all three items while you’re shopping for trousers, you know you’ve got yourself a go-to pair that will help you stunt in any setting, from the classroom to the club.

1. The party animal



Friday smirk ?

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We can thank Gucci for making snakes happen. Get yourself some flared pants with snakeskin print, like this pair from Zara, and pair them with a black turtle neck to achieve that NYFW street-style look for work. To be ready for the night’s festivities, a black tube top would work perfectly.

2. Plaid isn’t just on kilts



The Sun is Finally Shining Here in Norway! ☀️ #Oslo

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Plaid pants are everything. I repeat: EVERYTHING. Remember being in middle school and plaid shirts in every color from Hollister? Now that we’re young professionals, plaid wide-leg ankle pants are the move. This pair from Forever 21 is just as affordable as it is sophisticated. Throw on a chiffon shirt and layer a cropped teddy jacket on top with pointed-toe booties, and you’ll be serving looks for the next 12 hours.

3. On Wednesdays, we wear pink



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The Plastics called and they want to inform you that pink is mandatory on hump days. Got a pair of adidas Stan Smiths? Good, because they’ll go perfectly with the high-waisted, belted eyelet trouser like this one from Topshop. Wear the duo with a loose white Oxford shirt and then, just unbutton it halfway down when you’re ready for the drinks!

4. Corduroy — not the bear, but the pants


Not today, winter. @aritzia #AritziaPartner

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TBH, I hated when my mom would make me wear corduroy pants back in grade school. I definitely didn’t think they were that stylish, but then, again, what did my eight-year-old self know about fashion? And, now here I am, advocating for corduroy pants to be worn to work and out for the night. Wearing colorful corduroy mom pants, like these soft ones from Urban Outfitters, would work so well with a slightly oversized blazer, a plain white t-shirt and a pair of loafers. Just remove the blazer when you’re about to hit the bars (or keep it if you’re feeling especially chic and important).

5. Casual Friday with a hint of sporty


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Who said Casual Fridays are just for jeans and tennis shoes? We’re pulling up to work with some ultra-chic track pants — our choice of pants are these adidas pants (we’ll take the peach ones, please). Take it from Mrs. Bieber herself who served us an incredible look with them. Pair the sporty trousers with your choice of booties or sneakers. For work, wear a tight long sleeve top, while opting out for a crop top for the night.

Having the trendiest trousers is a time-saver — we don’t have the time to go back home and change out of our work clothes when Happy Hour is about to start. We’re all about dual-purpose looks in 2019!

Celina Aquino

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