Wait, Is It Time to Trade My Camel Coat for a Neon Pink One? According to NYFW It Is

Fashionistas and connoisseurs of style rejoice — New York Fashion Week has come to bless us with new trends to test out. February would be pretty dreary and dull if it weren’t for the excitement of seeing what wild, inspired, and wacky trends make a debut down the catwalk. One trend certainly caught our eye and is surprisingly wearable, in fact, you might have something like it already.  

The climate across the US has been less than ideal lately (polar vortex, anyone?) and even though your friendly neighborhood groundhog may have predicted an early spring, chances are you’re still clutching onto your winter coat. Well, hang onto it a little tighter because we’ve got news for you straight from the models at NYFW: bright coats are all the rage right now. That’s right, ditch the camel teddy and make some room for spring colors ASAP.



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Pink seems to be the color of choice when styling this trend (try searching #pinkcoat and you’ll see what I’m talking about), and TBH I’m not mad about it. After a long, dreary winter it’s about time we start breaking into a rosier color palette.



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Sometimes variations in color make your personal style more unique, like opting for more of a coral shade instead of your typical rose tone. 



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Pink isn’t the only color that made waves, every shade of the rainbow came out to play. Royal purple is a daring and loud alternative to a run of the mill black or brown jacket. You’re sure to draw some attention while wearing something so fun.



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Brighten up these overcast, grey February days with something so reminiscent of a clear summer sky. This light blue hue is an eye-catching and surprisingly wearable, plus having a cool-toned shade stand out among so many warm tones is always a bonus.



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I am living for these bright, summery shades, especially as my winter wardrobe begins transitioning into warmer weather. Who would have thought that a bright coat would be so easy to pair with the rest of your wardrobe? I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually hope the chilly weather sticks around for just a little while longer so we can appreciate this trend as much as possible. 

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