Victoria's Secret Released Beautiful Unretouched Photos of Jasmine Tookes

Victoria's Secret isn't exactly known for inspiring women to love their bodies. The brand casts some of the most gorgeous models on the planet (although they could really use some body diversity), yet it still feels the need to Photoshop these women dramatically — and unrealistically. That's why the photos VS released a few days ago, ahead of the annual fashion show, are so important. These beautiful snapshots feature model Jasmine Tookes wearing this year's Fantasy bra, a bejeweled piece worth a whopping $3 million. But, blinded by the bra's 9,000 precious stones, most people failed to notice something else incredible about these images: they weren't heavily retouched like similar pics usually are, and Jasmine's beautiful, natural stretch marks are on full display.

While the body positivity movement has gained a ton of traction in the past few years, Victoria's Secret has often received backlash for epic Photoshop fails and for promoting one very specific body type as "the perfect body." It's about time the brand caught onto the ~revolutionary~ notion that all women's bodies are valid. Obviously, Jasmine still fits the standard "Angel" description — tall and thin — but the decision not to hide her stretch marks is a significant step in the right direction. Here's to hoping this wasn't just an omission on Victoria's Secret's part, because this should absolutely be the first in a series of much-needed changes that could help women and girls of all shapes and sizes build up their self-esteem and love the way they look, imperfections and all.