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Since Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner, I’m preparing my look ASAP — down to the nail art I want to rock this Feb. 14. This holiday is your  chance to show the people you love just how much you appreciate them. Whether you’re spending the day with your besties for Galentine’s Day or Palentine’s Day, or going on a romantic date night with your significant other, it’s only right that you put together your best look. I love to plan out what manicure I’m getting for special occasions like this. There are so many nail art ideas to choose from! You can pick a simple nail polish for your base, like pastel pink, or go for a bold red color. And then, it’s time to go all out with an extravagant design (or just a simple heart, if that’s more your style). 

If you want some seriously beautiful nail inspo, here are eight Valentine’s Day nail art ideas that will be perfect for celebrating this loved-filled holiday in style. 

Glazed Mini Hearts

If you love Hailey Bieber’s glazed nails, this nail design is a perfect match! In this TikTok video, nail artist Callie Hager (@nailsbycalliemarie) uses OPI’s Funny Bunny ($12) as a base with Nail Bunny’s Drive Me Glazy Chrome Powder ($18) on top for the glazed effect. Then, she draws two mini hearts on each nail using a nail dot tool and a small nail brush to finish the design. This is great for those who love a simple design!

MultiColored Mini Hearts

Want multiple hearts on your nails instead of just one or two? This design will look amazing! Nail artist Abi Markey (@naileditbeauty) uses the same method of drawing hearts using a nail dot tool and a small brush. She draws about five of them in varying sizes towards the end of each nail. But she also uses different colors of red and pink for the hearts, with a milky pink base. This option is great for people who love bold designs!

Heart-Shaped French Tip

This design is great for those who want to upgrade their almond or stiletto-shaped nails. This design was also recently worn by Kourtney Kardashian-Barker. Instead of getting the usual white french tip, try a heart-shaped french tip instead! Use the end of your nail as the bottom half of the heart. Then draw the top of the heart above it, completing its shape. Simple as that! You can use multiple colors, as nail artist Jessica White (@jessicawhitenailartist) did in her design.

Monochrome French Tip

This design perfectly combines the classic french tip and hearts in a unique way. First, nail artist @nailsbycaroline_ paints french tips on each nail in white and black colors. Then, she adds mini hearts in black and white right below the french. This is an easy, minimalistic nail design for those who prefer less bold colors.

Rhinestone Heart Nails

These heart nails are seriously glamorous. Nail artist Sarah (@heluviee) first paints her nails a milky white color, leaving a heart shape unpainted on each of her ring fingers. Then, she outlines the heart with silver rhinestones. This is a unique, fun look but simple enough at the same time.

Light Pink Glitter Nails

This light pink glitter design from artist Jessica White can be done in just minutes. First, paint your nails a milky pink color as your base. Next, add a shiny pink glitter polish on top. Lastly, add two mini hearts with white polish to make them stand out. So easy!

Hot Pink Glitter Nails

This nail design by nail artist Aanchal (@_aanch) perfectly combines barbiecore and Valentine’s Day. All you need to do is paint on your favorite hot pink nail polish for the base coat. Then, add a glitter top coat to finish the look. That’s it! This is a simple way to add more sparkle to your V Day look.

Red Jelly Nails

The red jelly nail trend has been popular on TikTok for months, and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Nail artist Melanie (@overglowedit) uses Cirque Colors nail polish in the shade Lucky Jelly ($13) as the base. Then, she uses OPI’s Maraschino Cheer-y ($13) to paint a french tip at the end of her nail, which creates an ombre-like design. Add a clear top coat, and the look is done! This is such an easy way to master this unique nail trend.

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