Urban Outfitters Is Selling an ‘Influencer’ Halloween Costume & 2018 is Officially Canceled

Let’s be real — if we could spend every day wearing leggings and a sports bra, we probably would. They are two of the comfiest items of clothing, and if we wouldn’t be forever branded the lazy girl, maybe we would do it.

However, if you were told you could wear both your leggings and your sports bra as a Halloween costume, you probably wouldn’t hesitate. Comfort trumps looking sexy AF any day. Urban Outfitters took that sentiment and went more than a little overboard this year — they’re selling an “Influencer” Costume for $59 that consists of gray leggings and a bra.

Yes, you read that right. Your $10 leggings from Marshalls and $5 sports bra from Target are selling for a whopping $59 at Urban for this year’s Halloween.

Instagram influencers are definitely a huge trend this year—but maybe we should leave them for the cyber world rather than spending a fortune trying to barely look like them. Even if you want to dress up as an influencer, why would you spend valuable money on items you already own?

The Internet had a lot to say about Urban’s new addition:

Urban claims that you’ll be looking like Kim K in their new influencer costume, but you might want to spend your money elsewhere this spooky season — like you know, on an actual Halloween costume.