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Trick-or-Treat Yourself to These Spooky Cute Halloween Bath Bombs

Add some spooky suds to your bubble bath this Halloween! Whether you want to soak in a witches brew, bloodbath or a pumpkin spice concoction, you can trick-or-treat yourself with these relaxing bath bombs. 

1.  Fatal Attraction Bath Bomb (Kaleiddosoap, $6.95)


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This magenta skull-shaped bath bomb is infused with gardenia, jasmine noir and rose.

2.  Monster Ball Bath Bomb (Lush, $7.95)


A lime and neroli soak awaits once you pop Monster’s Ball into your bath. Keep an eye on it as it fizzes away and creates stunning colors!

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This cute one-eyed monster from the Lush Cosmetics Halloween Collection creates a pink-hued, yummy citrus bath.

3. Sparkly Pumpkin Bath Bomb (Lush, $7.95)


Glittery fingers are a small price to pay for Sparkly Pumpkin’s magical bubbles. #thisishalloween

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Bring all the magic of pumpkin spice to your bath with this luxurious sparkly bath bomb.

4. Bless Your Heart Bath Bomb (MadBombers, $13)


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This Etsy shop sells an anatomical heart bath bomb that turns your nightly soak into a bloodbath.

5. Unlucky Black Cat Bath Bomb (MadBombers, $8)


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Throw some salt over your shoulder for luck and add this cinnamon-scented black cat into your bath.

6. Candy Corn Bath Bomb (Wayward Alchemy, $5)


Candy corn bath bomb! Up for sale now! www.WaywardAlchemy.com

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Sweeten up your bubble bath with this candy corn bath bomb.

7.  Boo! Bomb (Pearl Bath Bombs, $16.99)


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This skull-shaped bath bomb will haunt your water with the scent of black raspberry and vanilla. Bonus: This Etsy shop is giving away a ring with this spooky bomb.

8. Witchy Woman Bath Bomb (Rock Oil Naturals, $7.75)


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Bathe in some witch’s brew with this spell-tactular oatmeal and lemon bath bomb.

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