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Emily Norfolk

I Work Retail at a Bathing Suit Store & These Are The Trendiest Swimwear Brands RN

I am back for year two working retail at my go-to swimwear store Everything But Water. Working retail has its pros and cons. Pro: discounts on top-shelf, super expensive swimsuits. Con: working when I’d much rather be out wearing my suits that I’m blowing my whole paycheck on. While I am hunkered down taking inventory and reclipping bathing suit bottoms, the shoppers of LA are out tanning and vacationing in their summer swimwear.

Despite my immense jealousy of the non-workers this summer, I have insider knowledge that can only be obtained by working retail in a bathing store. This summer, there are several suits that my store actually cannot keep in stock. I swear people come storming into the store hunting for specific brands that are must-wears for the summer. Whether you need a new suit, or are a compulsive buyer like me, these are the 6 brands that are making waves this summer. 

Hunza G


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Hunza was founded in 1984, but hasn’t made a comeback until recently when designer Peter Meadows, decided to relaunch the brand. All I can say is thank God he did. Women of all shapes and sizes swear by the Hunza G suits because of their stretchy, comfortable and distinct material. Their fabric is known as crinkle-stretch and it is truly amazing. The suits are one size fits most, and so far it has fit every person I have seen try on this suit in the store. I love them because the suits mold to your body and go wherever you tell them to. If you want a cheeky cut, simply move the fabric where you want it to lay. More coverage? Same thing goes, stretch the material over those cheeks! These bathing suits are unique, chic and simple, so hop on that band-wagon ASAP.

Tori Praver 


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Model and designer Tori Praver is succeeding this summer with her exotic swimsuits. Praver’s suits hit the nail on the head with this year’s fashion trends, featuring blushy, rose gold tones, animal print and mesh details. My favorite suit, and yes I am biased because I bought this one, is the Royale top with the Mannon bottom. This emerald green, ribbed, mesh suit is an eye-catcher and unique compared to all the other ribbed swimwear out there.

Pily Q


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A few weeks ago, when I started my job, was the first time I learned about Pily Q, and let me tell you, I felt extremely late to the party. Pily Q is one of those companies that has a cult following. People love their suits because of the feeling they get once they slip them on, lackadaisical bliss. Yes, Pily Q’s suits are actually blissful. The lace details and pastel colors make you feel like an island goddess. If you’re not into the lace, there are plenty of other options like animal print, polka dots and floral patterns. 



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Kisuii is what I like to call gentle swimwear. It is elegant, classy and hyper-detailed. It takes a certain kind of eye to appreciate the uniqueness of Kisuii swimwear. Every style is thoughtfully designed to go with Kisuii’s “gentle” aesthetic. I know this brand is a winner because women of all ages love it. Preteens to moms come in searching for Kisuii suits. They are practical, meaning you can swim laps and snorkel in them, while also looking chic. If Meghan Markle was a swimsuit brand, Kisuii would be her. If that doesn’t make you want it, then I don’t know what will. 

La Reveche 


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These swimsuits might not even be for swimming? But who cares because they’re sexy and so different. La Reveche offers a limited number of styles for their suits, but what makes them La Reveche is the chiffon flowers sewn onto the straps of all their suits. This bathing suit screams feminine and flouncy. This suit is perfect with a skirt and jeans for when you’re going out or when you’re lounging by the pool and trying to take a ~summer~ pic. Trust me when I say you will feel like an influencer as soon as you put on this suit. 



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We all remember Triangl. The innovative swimwear line that created neoprene bikinis that every middle school girl was obsessed with. Well, take it from me when I say that Triangl is back with some fun and flirty new styles, and this time most of the suits aren’t actually neoprene. I just bought three suites from Triangl, a zebra print strapless suit, a purple velvet suit and a gold shimmery off-the-shoulder suit. I am obsessed. The suits are comfy, really photogenic and fun for summer. Warning: The sizing is kind of weird on the suites so I would advise you to go up by one size unless you want to re-order them in different sizes like I had to. Aside from the misleading sizes, these suites are playful for summer. 

Just because I won’t be doing much swimming or sunbathing this summer, doesn’t mean you can’t. Get your hands on some of these hot new suits while you still can! Tag @hercampusstyle with your favorite summer bathing suits. 

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