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Tory Burch’s Video Scavenger Hunt!

I think Tory Burch just invented a new form of scavenger hunting! By teaming up with filmmaker Van Neistat, the pair took the game to a new technological level: they added a tape recorder and then a video camera.

It all started when Neistat gave Ms. Burch a tape recorder she could take on a trip to Europe with the intention to record everything that she liked and the things that inspired her as an artist/designer. After her trip, she promptly returned the device and Neistat got to work on finding things that fit Tory’s descriptions … but in Seoul, Korea.

So off he went to Korea on this scavenger hunt-type mission where he filmed anything he could in Seoul that matched Tory’s’ descriptions. The hunt involved everything from her friend’s colorful orange pedicure to finding an Eiffel tower replica to match the one Tory saw in Paris. The best part of the video was definitely when Neistat found a chain-link fence full of thousands of combination locks. This unique site is apparently a Seoul tradition where lovers buy a padlock, attach it to the fence and throw the key over the ledge below them as a symbol of their love.

The video is definitely worth checking out and it’s only a few minutes long. If you are a fan of Tory Burch or enjoy creative film, this is for you!

Click here to watch!

Annie Maguire is a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut with a degree in psychology and a minor in business administration. During her senior year Annie worked as a reporter for ESPN's Campus Connection Show, was featured in the Campus Girls 2010 Calendar Girls of the Big East, worked as an editorial writer for UConn's newspaper, the Daily Campus, and is a sister in the Alpha Phi sorority, Iota Lambda chapter. Annie is working as an editorial intern for Her Campus Media as well as a social media/marketing intern for Purple Lab Cosmetics in NYC. Annie loves reading, writing and music as well as everything beauty-related! If she's not writing or reading a new book, you can catch her watching Friends on DVD or a Sex & the City re-run. Annie hopes to one day be an E! News host, so watch out Giuliana!
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